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Prototypes are rare pieces of equipment: bleeding-edge technology, inventor's follies, wierd alien devices and so on. They cannot normally be purchased by players - they are given by the DM as part of a treasure parcel.

  • Usage: You can use a Prototype once per encounter.
  • Burnout: After you use a Prototype, it might burn out. At the end of the encounter, roll a d20 to make a Prototype Burnout check. A result of 10 or higher is a success, and the item retains its charge. A result of 9 or lower is a failure, and you must discard the item. Your origin or the environment you're in could give you a bonus to your Burnout check.
  • Salvage: A burnt-out Prototype that has a salvage entry is still capable of functioning at a reduced level. Each item's salvage entry has an associated Tech Level. A character whose level is equal to or higher than the item's tech level can salvage the item into a permanent item. Salvaged Prototype does not require Burnout checks.
Name Slot Origin Weight
4e Future Prototype Preload Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Head, Neck, Waist, Ring, Hands, Feet, or weapon type, or left empty.
Arachno 1-handed weapon Terrestrial 1
Burst Shield Waist Terrestrial 2
Crius Landmate Heavy Armor Terrestrial 25
Deployable Bubble Shield Consumable Extraterrestrial 2
Gamma Ray Laser 2-handed ranged Terrestrial 6
Gravity Hammer 2-handed melee Extraterrestrial 9
Handheld Portal Device 2-handed weapon Extradimensional 6
Hunter Suit Light Armor Extraterrestrial 5
Long Fall Boots Feet Terrestrial 2
N-Sphere Cannon 2-handed ranged Extraterrestrial 6
Pangolin Shield Waist Terrestrial 2
Photon Repeater 2-handed ranged Terrestrial 10
Replicator None Extraterrestrial 20
Sonic Screwdriver Held Item Extradimensional 1
Starbolt 2-handed ranged Terrestrial 10
Tediore Shield Waist Terrestrial 2
Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator 2-handed ranged Extradimensional 25

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