N-Sphere Cannon (4e Future Prototype)

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N-Sphere Cannon Extraterrestrial Prototype
This heavy energy weapon generates neutron airbursts.
Slot: 2-handed ranged
Power: Encounter ♦ Ion, Electric

Standard Action
Area burst 2 within 20
Attack: Level + 6 vs. Reflex Special: The attack ignores blocking terrain (like walls). Hit: 4d8 + Strength modifier + your level ion and electric damage. Miss: Half damage.

Salvage: Tech Level 8. An 8th-level character can salvage the N-Sphere Cannon. It becomes a heavy 2-handed ranged 10 weapon: Str/Con; +2 accuracy; 2d12 ion and electric damage, and each creature adjacent to the target takes damage equal to your level.
Weight: 6 lb.

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