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Starting Equipment[edit]

Your Future character begins with:

  1. A set of armor
  2. Optionally, a shield
  3. A basic melee weapon
  4. A basic ranged weapon

Whilst there are many different types of armor and weapon, the following statblocks represent the baseline for each category. These represent generic mundane weapons and armor - swords, revolvers, shuriken, kevlar jackets, power armor and riot shields. Once you have gained some credits, more specific types of weapon and armor may be purchased through mods.

Armor Benefit
Light armor +3 armor bonus to AC. Whilst wearing light armor, you add your Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to your AC.
Heavy armor +7 armor bonus to AC. Whilst wearing heavy armor, reduce your speed by 1.
Shield +1 shield bonus to AC. Wearing a shield takes one hand, and you can't use that hand for anything else.
Unarmed Attacks Ability Accuracy Damage [W]
Quick attack Dex/Int +3 1d4
Powerful attack Str/Con +2 1d8
N3 Twin Energy Blades by Darthtoa, on Flickr
Weapons Ability Accuracy Damage [W] Range
One-handed light melee Dex/Int +3 1d8
Two-handed light melee Dex/Int +3 1d12
One-handed heavy melee Str/Con +2 1d10
Two-handed heavy melee Str/Con +2 2d8
One-handed light throwing Dex/Int +3 1d8 5 squares
Two-handed light throwing Dex/Int +3 1d12 10 squares
One-handed light gun* Dex/Int +4 1d8 10 squares
Two-handed light gun* Dex/Int +4 1d12 20 squares
One-handed heavy throwing Str/Con +2 1d10 5 squares
Two-handed heavy throwing Str/Con +2 2d8 10 squares
One-handed heavy gun* Str/Con +2 2d6 10 squares
Two-handed heavy gun* Str/Con +2 2d10 20 squares

*This weapon requires ammunition


In 4e Future, ammunition is abstract: You either have ammo, or you don't. If you do, you can use ammunition to fire any weapon you have that requires ammunition. If you don't, you can't.

If you use ammunition only once in an encounter: You are managing your ammo reserves carefully. At the end of the encounter, you still have ammunition.

If you use ammunition more than once in an encounter: At the end of the encounter, you are out of ammo - so if you fire more than once you may as well unleash hell with your gun. You must aquire more before you can use a weapon that requires ammunition again. If you borrow some from an ally, then that ally is out of ammo. Ammunition is given to you by the DM as part of the treasure parcels.

Ammunition Crates[edit]

You can buy a crate of ammunition in advance. Using an ammunition pack is a standard action, is used once only, and once used you have ammunition for all your weapons again.

An ammunition pack has a tech level. If you have a weapon with a mod of a higher tech level than the ammunition pack, then you cannot use the ammunition pack.

Ammunition Pack Cost Weight
Level 2 125 20 lbs
Level 4 175 18 lbs
Level 6 250 15 lbs
Level 8 350 12 lbs
Level 10 500 10 lbs

Other Equipment[edit]

Beyond the free, basic equipment listed above, you may purchase more interesting items once you have the credits to do so. See Future Economy for a full explanation of equipment levels, costs and availability.

Level: A piece of equipment's Level is an abstracted measure of the amount of training required to use it, and its rarity or availability. If you want to purchase an item of a higher level than you, a skill roll is required.

Cost: Measured in credits. For mods, this covers the price of the base item and the mod.

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