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These are Origins for use with Future (4e Sourcebook). Each player character has two origins, a primary and a secondary.

Origins can represent races, professions, archetypes, mutations or just themed power sets. There is no restriction on which origins can be combined.

Power Source is either Bio, Fusion or Psi. The abilities for Bio and Psi origins are based largely on the character's own inner strength. Characters with the Fusion source are assumed to have some signature piece of technology that drives their abilities; for example, the Field Medic has a medical probe; the Baby a robot suit. The character can either never be parted from her signature gear, or can always scavenge items from the environment to act as a proxy.

Depending on your campaign, you may get to pick two origins; pick your primary and roll for your secondary; or roll randomly for both origins.

Name Power Source Ability Skill Description
4e Future Origin Preload
Android Fusion Strength Athletics Androids and gynoids are the robotic servants of mankind, shaped in their image.
Baby Fusion Intelligence Science A genius baby in a robot body.
Beastoid Bio Strength Nature An alien race that has beast-like qualities.
Berzerker Bio Strength Athletics A brawny warrior who can dual-wield weapons in a bezerk rage.
Captain Bio Charisma Interaction A leader of soldiers.
Clone Bio Constitution Insight You were developed in a vat, from the DNA of the strongest and smartest specimens.
Commando Bio Intelligence Athletics Soldiers trained for high-risk operations.
Field Mechanic Fusion Intelligence Mechanics Fix and modify electrical and mechanical equipment.
Field Medic Fusion Wisdom Science Stiches up wounds; can help allies with debilitating status conditions.
Force Psi Intelligence Science An intelligent character who has mastered the use of Techniques.
Gunslinger Bio Wisdom Mechanics A specialist in firearms.
Hyperneural Psi Dexterity Perception A psychic with an accelerated nervous system.
Infiltrator Bio Dexterity Acrobatics You are an expert in clandestine operations.
Insectoid Bio Dexterity Perception Insect-like aliens with neurotoxin defenses and an inscrutable mind.
Mummy Bio Constitution Science A race of mummy-like aliens with control over genetic material.
Newman Psi Wisdom Insight An engineered race of spiritually superior humans.
Ninja Psi Dexterity Stealth You are trained in infiltration, sabotage, espionage and assassination.
Operator Fusion Dexterity Mechanics A soldier or "handler" who works in conjunction with a robotic drone.
Politician Bio Charisma Conspiracy A senator, councillor, legislator, commissar or some other dignitary who wields influence over public policy.
Robot Fusion Constitution Athletics Heavy machinery, utilitarian and resilient.
Sapper Fusion Constitution Mechanics If you need something built or blown up, call a sapper.
Siren Psi Charisma Athletics Only six sirens can exist at any given time. Each has a unique "phase" power.
Telekinetic Psi Intelligence Acrobatics A telekinetic, or "teek", can turn psi energy into motive force.
Telepath Psi Charisma Interaction A psi that reads and influences the minds of others.

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