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Field Mechanic[edit]

Wench with Wrench by macbaby, on Flickr

The Field Mechanic is a valued addition to any space ship, colony, or space station. Some of the most historic battles in recent history have won or lost by the skills of mechanics mid-battle. Outside of combat Field Mechanics are invaluable in applied fusion technological application testing and anywhere fusion power is part of life. Only the Mummies, with their advanced bio-tech, might risk starting a colony without a field mechanic.

Appearance: Depending on the jobs mechanics can be grungy, professional, or wearing Bio-Fuse!Gear(TM).

Field Mechanic Traits
Ability: Intelligence
Power Source: Fusion; +2 to Fusion overcharge.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 bonus to Mechanics checks.
Patient (Level 1): Gain a +2 bonus to Will
Tech Affinity (Level 1): Gain a +2 bonus to checks to see if your Prototypes burns out.
Field Mechanic Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, the attack deals 1d10 extra damage. If the target is a robot, each creature adjacent to it takes 5 thermal damage.

Self Defense Fusion Novice
"Don't worry about me, I've been in rough spots before."
At-Will Star.gif Physical, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence + your level + weapon accuracy vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] physical damage, and you gain a +1 bonus to one of Fortitude, Will or Reflex until the end of your next turn.

Modify Fusion Utility
"Look if you want to try to decode this programming code that uses hyperspace math as a function of logic, be my guest."
Standard Action Personal
Target: One weapon held by yourself or an adjacent ally.
Effect: The weapon gains a damage bonus equal to your level until the end of the encounter. In addition, make a Mechanics check against a DC of 12 + the weapon's tech level. If you succeed, the weapon causes one of the following damage types until the end of the encounter: Thermal, electric, photon, compressive or ion.

If an attack roll with a modified weapon is a natural 1, the weapon malfunctions and cannot be used until your next rest.

Massive Malfunction Mechanic Expert
A combination of deactivated failsafes, inappropriate hyperspace logic and overloaded capacitors makes your repair tool into a lethal weapon.
Encounter Star.gif Fusion, Electric
Standard Action Close blast 3
Target: All creatures in the blast
Attack: Intelligence Modifier + your level vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + the amount the attack roll exceeded defense electric damage.
Effect: The target takes 5 ongoing electric damage (save ends).

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