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Future Characters

To create your Future character, go through these steps:

  1. Select two Origins: a primary and secondary.
    • Your Primary Origin determines your primary ability score, which will be 18.
    • Your Secondary Origin determines your secondary ability score, which will be 16. If your secondary ability is the same as your primary, then your primary ability score is 20.
    • Your remaining ability scores are determined by rolling 3d6 for each, in order.
    • Some origins have a Power Source. You gain a +2 bonus to overcharge rolls on Techniques that have the same power source as your primary origin.
  2. You gain:
    • all of the level 1 traits from your primary and secondary origins.
    • the novice power from each origin
    • skill bonuses related to your origins
    • one Technique of your choice which you can use once per encounter.
    • one second wind per encounter
  3. All characters the following statistics:
    • Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + your Constitution score
    • Bloodied Value: Half your hit point total, rounded down
    • Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
    • Fortitude Defense: 10 + your level + the better of your Strength or Constitution modifiers
    • Reflex Defense: 10 + your level + the better of your Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers
    • Will Defense: 10 + your level + the better of your Wisdom or Charisma modifiers
    • Armour Class: 10 + your level + armor bonus + shield bonus, if any; if you're wearing light armor or no armor, add the better of your Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers.
    • Speed: 6
    • Initiative Modifier: Your dexterity modifier + your level
    • Attack Bonus (Weapon): Best modifier from the weapon's key ability score pair + your level +weapon accuracy bonus
    • Attack Bonus (Power): The power's key ability modifier + your level + the power's accuracy modifier (or weapon accuracy bonus if the power works with a weapon)
    • Skill Level: The skill's key ability modifier + your level + bonuses granted from origin + bonus to one random skill.
  4. Choose your equipment.


As noted above, once origins are determined a character receives a bonus to a random skill. Roll 1d10 and consult the table below. You gain a +4 bonus to that skill, which stacks with any bonuses from your origins.

d10 Skill Key Ability Notes
1 Acrobatics DEX Use to accomplish stunts of agility; physical activities that rely more on nimbleness than muscle.
2 Athletics STR Use to physically overcome an obstruction; tasks relying on physical might.
3 Conspiracy INT Use to remember useful information about a significant person, organization or event.
4 Insight WIS Use to discern intent and decipher body language during social situations; for understanding the significance of a puzzling clue.
5 Interaction CHA Use to influence someone's opinions or actions; to gather information in a settlement.
6 Mechanics INT Use to use, repair or overcome machines.
7 Nature WIS Use to identify and cope with the hazards of the natural world.
8 Perception WIS Use to notice clues, spot danger, hear someone sneaking up on you, or find a trap.
9 Science INT Use to remember a fact about physics, geology, mathematics, computer operation or other areas of scientific theory; hacking; to identify an unnatural hazard or to operate computerized technology; to stablize a dying creature.
10 Stealth DEX Use to hide yourself from an observer, both by moving quietly and by staying out of sight.

Basic Attack[edit]

All characters gain the Basic Attack power.

Basic Attack Basic Racial Power
With practiced ease, you execute a fundamental attack maneuver, channeling your training into a precise and effective strike with your weapon.
At-Will Star.gif Physical, Weapon
Standard Action Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Str/Con or Dex/Int + your level + weapon accuracy Vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Str/Con or Dex/Int + your level physical damage

Gaining Levels[edit]

The following table shows the total XP required for each character level. When you gain enough XP to increase your level you must finish an extended rest before you gain the benefits.

When you gain a level you get the following benefits:

  • Your attack, defense, initiative and skill check modifiers increase by 1
  • You gain 5 hit points
  • You gain the benefit noted in the table below
Total XP Level Benefit
0 1st Origin traits; Novice power from each origin; First technique
500 2nd One critical hit benefit from either origin
1,000 3rd One utility power from either origin
2,000 4th Second technique
3,000 5th One origin expert power from either origin
4,000 6th Second critical hit benefit
5,000 7th Second utility power
6,500 8th Third technique
8,500 9th Second expert power
10,000 10th Uber feature

You may also retrain one Technique.

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