Contract Sniper (4e Future Technique)

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Contract Sniper

You have a contract with an mercenary expert sniper to provide ongoing support fire.
Keywords:Bio, Physical
Benefit: You can use contract sniper as an encounter power.

Overcharge: When you use this power, you can roll a d20.
10+: The critical hit range for the power increases to 18-20, and the target cannot benefit from concealment, total concealment, cover or superior cover against the attack.
9 or less: After the attack, the contract sniper demands a payment of credits before the technique can be used again. The amount is equal to the cost of a piece of simple equipment of your level.

Contract Sniper Bio Technique
From seemingly nowhere, you hear the whoosh-smack of a high calibre bullet removing your target's head.
Encounter Star.gif Bio, Physical
Minor Action Close burst 10
Target: One creature in burst
Attack: Your level + 7 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 + twice your level physical damage

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