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Using Epic Magic[edit]

In ancient time of the world of D&D there were no limits for what magic could do. But then Mystra, the goddess of magic, after having to kill herself to save the weave from Karsus' foolishness, decided that such magic was too powerful, reducing the strength of spells an individual could cast to 9th level. Due to the impossibility for a mortal to have 10th level or higher spell slots, there must be a number of secondary casters, each using a 9th level spell slot, to cast it as shown in the Casters. In adition to the secondary casters there are also the main caster who is the person actually casting the spell. This person chooses the targets of the spell and any other choice that must be made to cast the spell and could actually make a spell target some of the secondary casters even if they did not agree to. If a spell requirs concentration its only the primary caster who must maintain concentration. Immediately after casting a 10th level or higher spell, all casters must make a DC (10+spell level) Constitution save or suffer from 1 level of exhaustion.

Level of Spell Number of Secondary Casters
10th 1-5
11th 6-10
12th 11-20

10th Level Spells[edit]

Spell School Casters Summary
Antimagic Enchantment 5 Cancel all magic around you.
Atomic Halt Transmutation 3
Binding Abjuration 2
Bubble Evocation 3 You create a protecting sphere over a city
Curse of Death Necromancy 1 Target creature must choose other creature to die.
Divine's Sight Divination 2
Doom Necromancy 3 Honsetly DOOM!!!
Greater Patronage Enchantment 1 Weather by great arcane potential or celestial ascent, some creatures with sufficient magical potential can share that power with willing subjects.
Infuse Magic Abjuration 1 up to 10 creatures within 60 feet gain 5 lvl 5 spell slots
Kill Evocation 3 You kill a creature.
Permanent Shapechange Transmutation 2 This spell works like the Shapechange spell, but never ends.
Stop Enchantment 3+ You temporarily stop the time for some creatures
Summon Elemental Spirits Conjuration 2 You summon elemental spirits.
Summon Minor Creature Army Conjuration You summon an army of small creatures
Tectonic Transmutation Transmutation 3 use this spell to move villages, kingdoms and even small continents short distances.
Worldtree Conjuration At least 2 You create a tree that connects to the planes

11th Level Spells[edit]

Spell School Casters Summary
Alter History Transmutation 10 This spell allows the caster to change events within the last 500,000 years to achieve a goal pertaining to a singular, widespread, and persistent change you desire to manifest on the modern era.
Bind To Slavery Enchantment 4+ You bind the targets to slavery.
Dragon Rein Enchantment 7 Enchant a saddle so you can ride a dragon
Immortallity Necromancy 15 Foul magic makes you immortal for as long as you keep sacrificing to it.
Lavastream Conjuration 8+ You summon a stream of lava that you control
Mass Power Word Heal Evocation 7 Creatures you choose heal.
Mass Power Word Kill necromancy 7 Creatures in your area die instantly.
Orcans Eye Evocation 6 You create a storm that destroys things or your choice
Power Word Death Enchantment
Wormhole Conjuration 8

12th Level Spells[edit]

Spell School Casters Summary
Ascension Transmutation 20 (Clerics at least LV.10) become a God
Extreme Wish Evocation 100 Get what you want when you want it
Karsus' avatar Transmutation 16 You choose a god, and become an avatar of that god temporarily.
Personal Plane Conjuration
Planespark Evocation 100 Gives the primary caster of the spell the ability to Planeswalk at will, and the ability to manipulate mana to create an artificial plane.
True Time Stop Transmutation 20 Stop the time of an entire plane, with the main caster free to do any action

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