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  • Adding the SRD
  • Check the infrastructure!
  • Artifacts list, preload, template
  • Add NPC category to appropriate creatures, create list.
  • Use Template:5e Spell List for all spell lists. Reformat template list to display a table (with columns for school etc), rather than dpl-by-school.
  • Make a new template prestige classes.
  • Divide homebrew spells on class pages so that those with stub / needsbalance / marked for deletion templates appear at the bottom, instead of mixed in with the other spells.
  • Make an "Other" tag (Category talk:Nephilim Tag)
  • Add ability scores to the mounts and vehicles template. Talk:5e Mounts and Vehicles#Vehicle Ability Scores

To be continuously present on this list
  • Categorize uncategorized 5e pages at Special:UncategorizedPages
  • Standardize all pages in a supplement; make all page titles coherent: i.e. choose whether the best way is to label it as a "setting" or "supplement".


  • Category:Natural Type - change the category for all these to Category: Natural Origin
  • Image for every race, starting with those without a maintenance template.
  • #dpl generated feat table for those races that have feats
  • Move racial variants from 4e Races to 4e Racial Trait Variants. (Dwarf, Dragonborn, Halfling, Elf, Tiefling, Half-Elf, Drow).
  • 4e Creatures - check fields: make sure "elite", "solo" are in "role2" field; make sure "leader" is in "leader" field, etc. Check transcluded categories are correct.
  • Alternate Essentials-style templates for creatures.
  • 4e artifact categories should be heroic / paragon / epic; not "minor" and "major"
    • Make a 4e artifact preload
  • Add a "description" field to every 4e race to make the race list look nice.
  • 4e Feats - x0 template is no longer needed; remove from all Feat pages and make sure summary field is filled in.
    • 4e Class Feats - organize by class; move homebrew to seperate pages and make DPL index.
  • Add "rarity" field to all 4e magic items; remove transcluded categories
  • 4e Deities - make new template and update all pages.
  • Update all diseases to the new template.
  • Add weapon category (hammer, flail, heavy blade, etc) to all 4e Mundane Weapons.
  • Add the infrastructure to support D&D Essentials-style class system to 4e Powers and 4e Feats


  • Note that, similar to how Pathfinder Classes will probably make use of PFSRD:Class Preload, pathfinder tables will look all new-age and fancy like the table at PFSRD:Fighter. Pathfinder templates should also have some distinct formatting from 3.5e ones to help differentiate them.


3.5e General
  • Find feats, spells, items that grant a luck bonus and add to Category:Luck (possibly repeat for other types of bonus)
3.5e Alternate Class Features
  • Sub-pages need to use DPL.
3.5e Campaign Settings
  • Rate unrated campaigns.
3.5e Complex Special Ability Components
3.5e Creatures
3.5e Equipment
3.5e Feats
3.5e Fighter Feats
  • Subcategories need turning into DPLs
3.5e NPCs
  • NPCs by CR for CR 6+ to use "3.5e NPC by CR" template (CRs 1 to 10 done)
3.5e Other
  • Check each entry. Pages that are suitable for any edition to be categorized with just "DnD" and page name changed appropriately
3.5e Prestige Classes
3.5e Races
  • Apply some much needed cosmetic and uniform layout changes to the races.
  • Create creature entries for races that don't already have one.
  • Make sure the page titles are in plural form (e.g. "Ogrillorcs" instead of "Ogrillorc")
  • Check the dpl's for consistent information.
  • Fix races in LA Unknown Races, mostly just missing info in the x0 template.
3.5e Spells


  • Create Celtic Sourcebook
  • Create Arthurian/Britain Sourcebook
  • Create Roland Sourcebook
  • Create 1001 Nights Sourcebook
  • Create Germanic Sourcebook (Beowulf, The Ring Cycle, etc)
  • Create Slavic Sourcebook
  • Create Roman Sourcebook
  • Create Fertile Crescent Sourcebook
  • Create Egyptian Sourcebook
  • Create 1024 Sourcebook
  • Create 100 Years War Sourcebook
  • Create Chinese Sourcebook
  • Create Hindu/India Sourcebook

OGL Content related/adding OGL content:

  • Transcribe OGC from Unearthed Arcana, and The Psychic's Handbook
  • Transcribe designated Open Game Content from Sword and Sorcery publications, including Relics and Rituals, Relics and Rituals II, Creature Collection I, II, III, Divine and the Defeated, DM Screen Companion, and other Scarred Land material and other Sword and Sworcery publications designated as Open Game Content.
  • Transcribe open game content from AEG published line, including Feats, Evil, Good, etc.
  • Transcribe open game content from Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved and other Malhavoc Press publications.
  • Transcribe open game content from Goodman Games.
  • Transcribe open game content from dnd.druidic.net.
  • Find other material marked as Open Content and place it on this page.
  • Add class handbooks from WotC Forum character optimization
  • Make a Template for the Wikipedia links
  • Root directory for d20 material (called something other than "D20") and route d20 content and publications to it.
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