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Unlike Traditional Fifth Edition, Fallout does not use classes. Instead, it uses a perk-based system similar to feats. Use the following to build your character.

After assigning your ability scores, pick one type of weapon (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Sub-Machine Gun, Heavy, Thrown, or Melee) and one damage type (Ballistic, Energy, Explosive, or Melee). When using a weapon that has either of the chosen features, you may add half your Proficiency modifier to attack rolls. If it has both, you may add your entire Proficiency bonus. Additionally, you gain proficiency in 2 skills of your choice. You may instead gain no proficiency in any weapons to gain proficiency in 2 additional skills. Next, you pick one common (Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom) and one uncommon (Strength, Charisma, Intelligence) saving throw to gain proficiency in. Finally, each player must pick one of the following:

  • 1. Big Brain: Your Intelligence and Dexterity increase by +1, you gain 1 proficiency of your choice, and your hit die is 1d4.
  • 2. Light Frame: Your Dexterity increases by +2 and your hit die is 1d6.
  • 3. Average Joe: Your hit die is 1d8.
  • 4. Big Hoss: Your Dexterity decreases by -2 and your hit die is 1d10
  • 5. Hulk: Your Intelligence and Dexterity decrease by -2, and your hit die is 1d12.

Your starting equipment should be discussed with your DM and personalized based on each player’s proficiencies. Or not, because who are we to stop you?


Each time you gain a level, you may either gain proficiency in one skill or half-proficiency in 2 skills (on even-numbered levels), distribute 2 points among your ability scores (3 times at most), gain half-proficiency in one weapon or damage type (on odd-numbered levels), or gain one of the following perks. Each perk can only be taken once unless otherwise stated:

  • Kamikaze: Your AC is decreased by 2 and you gain an additional bonus action that can only be used to make an attack.
  • Friend of the Night: You gain 30 feet of Darkvision and gain +1 to attack rolls while in dim light.
  • Hunter: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to beasts.
  • Purifier: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to monstrosities.
  • Bug Smasher: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to aberrations.
  • Die Mutie!: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to Mutants.
  • Ghoul Slayer: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to Ghouls.
  • Status Quid?: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to Humans.
  • Fight the Power!: You may reroll damage, taking the higher roll, you would deal to creatures of one faction of your choice.
  • Rad Child: When your hit point maximum falls below half your normal maximum, you regain hit points equal to half your Constitution modifier once every 2 Rounds (12 Seconds) or at the beginning of every other turn.
  • Run ‘n Gun: You have advantage on your first attack roll on the same turn after moving more than half your movement speed.
  • Travel Light: While wearing no armor with the Heavy property, your movement speed is increased by 10 feet.
  • Lead Belly: All rads gained from eating or drinking are halved.
  • Shotgun Surgeon: You may add half the proficiency modifier you add to a shotgun’s damage roll to its attack roll.
  • Professional: When you attack a creature that is unaware of you, you may reroll your damage, taking the higher result.
  • Gunslinger: While wielding a pistol in one hand and no weapon in the other, its ranges are increased by half.
  • Commando: While wielding a rifle, its ranges are increased by half.
  • Grunt: While wielding a submachine gun, each attack costs half as much ammuntition.
  • Heave Ho!: Thrown Weapons’ ranges are doubled.
  • Major League Batter: Melee Weapons count as criticals on a roll of 19 or 20.
  • Size Matters: While wielding a heavy weapon, your movement speed is reduced by 1/3 instead of being halved.
  • Heavy Hitter: Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6+your Strength modifier.
  • Quick Draw: When you roll initiative and are wielding a pistol, you may immediately make an attack.
  • Hit the Deck: As a reaction immediately before taking explosive damage, you may become prone. While prone, you are resistant to explosive damage.
  • Stonewall: As a reaction, you can halve your movement speed on your next turn to gain resistance to Melee damage and advantage against effects that would force you to become prone.
  • Sniper: You gain +2 to attack rolls while benefiting from the Scope weapon property.
  • Chemist: All medical supplies lasts for twice as long.
  • Chem Resistant: You have advantage against becoming addicted.
  • Meltdown: When you kill a creature with energy damage, every creature within 5 feet takes half the damage dealt.
  • Explorer: You gain a climbing speed equal to your movement speed.
  • Swimmer: You gain a swimming speed equal to your movement speed.
  • Lucky: You gain 3 points of luck. You may expend 1 point to reroll any d20 roll, taking the higher result. All points are regained at the end of a long rest.
  • Sturdy: When you are reduced to 0 hit points, you may instead drop to 1. You may do this once, regaining use at the end of a long rest.
  • Assassin: Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. This can be taken multiple times (5 max), increasing the additional damage by 1d6.
  • Fear the Reaper: Your hit point maximum permanently decreases by 2 hit points for every level you have (minimum 1). Every time you gain a level, you gain 2 less maximum hit points (minimum 1). You can take an additional perk this level and every other level after. You can not take the Mutation perk.
  • Vats Enhanced: You may grant your attack disadvantage to make the attack an automatic critical. You must be wearing a pip-boy for this to take effect.
  • Action Hero: When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you may add your ability modifier to your second attack’s damage.
  • Cautious Nature 5th level: You gain expertise in Perception.
  • Covering Fire 5th level: You may make opportunity attacks with ranged weapons at disadvantage.
  • Fast Shot 5th level: As a reaction, you can take the attack action with disadvantage.
  • Field Medic 5th level: You may add your Charisma modifier to any healing or rad reduction you do.
  • Medic 5th level: When you heal yourself, you may choose to heal any creatures within 5 feet of yourself for half as much (rounded down).
  • More Criticals 5th level: You score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20.
  • Return to Sender 5th level: When you are targeted with a thrown attack, you may contest a Dexterity saving throw against the attack roll. On a success, you may make a thrown attack with that weapon.
  • Mutation 5th level: Your hit die increases by 1 tier.
  • Skilled 5th level: When you make a skill check with a skill you do not have proficiency in, you may add half your proficiency bonus rounded down.
  • Extra Attack 10th level: When you take the Attack action, you may attack an additional time.
  • Fashion Forward 10th level : You may wear an oversuit in place of an undersuit while wearing pieces of armor.
  • Grim Reaper’s Sprint 10th level: When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points, you may immediately make an additional attack.
  • Slayer 10th level: You may take the Attack action as a bonus action, but only while wielding Melee Weapons.
  • Rad Absorbtion 10th level: You regain 1 point of your rad pool every minute.
  • In Shining Armor 10th level: You gain +2 AC against energy attacks.
  • Talent 10th level: You gain expertise in 1 skill that you already have proficiency in. Can be taken multiple times.
  • Just That Good 10th level: You gain proficiency in 1 saving throw of your choice.
  • Lightly Armored 10th level: While wearing no heavy armor, you gain 10 feet of movement speed.
  • Power! 10th level: While wearing power armor, you are not slowed by the Heavy weapon property.
  • Return Fire 10th level: When you take damage, you can use your reaction to make an attack against the source of it.
  • Trigger Discipline 10th level: If you did not attack on your previous turn, your first attack has advantage.
  • Finesse 15th level: Your critical hit range increases by 1 (20>19-20, 19-20>18-20)
  • And Stay Back 15th level: As a bonus action after successfully attacking a creature with a shotgun, you can force them to succeed a DC 10+your Strength modifier Dexterity saving throw or become prone.
  • Constant Vigilance 15th level: When you roll for initiative, you may reroll, taking the higher result.
  • Lord Death of Murder Mountain 15th level: When you make a melee attack, you may attack an additional time.
  • Stalwart Defender 15th level: If you end your turn without having moved, any damage you dealt on that turn is doubled.

Racial Perks

Certain perks can only be taken by certain races.

  • Servant of Ug-Qualtoth Swampfolk, 5th level: You can learn Eldritch Blast as a cantrip.
  • Beastmaster Beastlord, 5th level: Animal Friend now works on creatures with a CR less than or equal to your level +1.
  • Master of Darkness Slag, 5th level: Your Darkvision distance is doubled.
  • Dwarven Resilience Dwarf, 5th level: You gain resistance to 1 damage type of your choice.
  • Powerful Build Super Mutant, 5th level: Your unarmed strikes deal an additional 1d6 damage.
  • Almost Perfect Human, 5th level: You gain +1 to all ability scores.
  • Machine Intelligence Synth, 5th level: You gain proficiency in Intelligence saving throws and 1 Intelligence skill of your choice.
  • Rad Eater Ghoul: You no longer have to eat.

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