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Rating: 5 / 5
This is very comprehensive in most aspects.

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Strange, twisted creatures walk a scorched, irradiated desert, bodies scattered around it. Corpse-like humans have to scrounge through huge mounds of heavy rubble for as little as a drop of water. Beyond their sight, ruthless tyrants prepare their troops, waiting for the opportunity to strike each other’s throats.

When a 2-hour rain of nuclear fire and blasts blanketed the whole world on October 23rd, 2077, humanity was reduced all the way to the Stone Age, save for a handful of humans preserved in twisted experiments in corrupt, underground vaults. This is not a world of heroes and magic, this is a world of death, misery, hatred, and struggle in the ashes of a failed world.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Player's Guide
The races that are present in Fallout and their playability.
How to adapt certain classes to this setting, what new classes may exist, and maybe just ditching classes altogether.
Let's just scrap nearly everything and start from scratch, shall we? Guns, drugs, and other things that can be found.
Everything Fallout
The Wasteland
The known and unknown desolate locales dotting the scorched surface of the Earth.
How Earth calendars and holidays work after the apocalypse, and the divergent parallel history of Fallout's Earth.
Is there any? Who are they? What are their goals, laws, etc?
All the nasty inhabitants of the various wastelands and perhaps some new faces.
Dungeon Master's Guide
An explanation on how the wasteland feels, how to expand upon the existing content, and also a list of to-dos.
Mechanics and Variants
How to incorporate survival, drugs, radiation, mutation and other things into your campaign. Also some base rules that could be tweaked.
Random Encounters
Exactly what it says on the tin. Random encounters to throw at your players.
The Archive
Stuff that we didn't want to throw out but need to either organize or reevaluate.

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