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Places confirmed within the canon game titles (Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, & Fallout 76) or other canon sources (One Man, and a Crate of Puppets).

Big MT
Capital Wasteland
The Divide
Far Harbor/Mount Desert Island
Mojave Wasteland
New California
The Pitt
Point Lookout
Sierra Madre
Zion National Park


Places from Fallout Tactics.


Places from non-canon sources including: Fallout BOS, Fallout Shelter, Cancelled Fallout Titles, & The Fallout Bible (unless confirmed in a canon source of course).

New Frontiers[edit]

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The Zone[edit]

War, war never changes. Even when the Earth was bathed in nuclear fire, mankind never ceased to war with itself. When the New California Republic pushed the slave army of Caesar’s Legion behind Hoover Dam and slay their leaders, it spelled an end of one tyrannical rule, and the beginnning of another. From the ashes rose numerous warlords claiming to be the new Caesar. As clans clashed, the NCR’s ever advancing colonization efforts advanced upon the old world state of Arizona, looking to take the dusty territory for everything it’s worth. Because war, war never changes.

The Zone, formerly a quarter of the Four States Commonwealth which, in turn, was once Arizona, is the ex-stomping grounds of Caesar’s Legion. Shortly after the Great War, the state devolved into chaos to the point that one could not trade with a town only two miles away without being killed. This all changed with the rise of Caesar’s Legion over 200 years later. Emerging from the Grand Canyon with an army of enslaved tribes, the tyrant conquered the territory in less that an year, unifying the warring states under the flag of the bull, building his Rome in Flagstaff. After the Legion fell, even the Zone’s legion split into factions. These factions wage a constant war over Rome. Each faction is ruled by a single warlord. When a warlord dies, their clan either dissolves into numerous weaker factions that are consumed by larger factions or simply join other societies. The following are the various locales to be found in the Zone.

  • Emergence: The tent city built on the place Caesar emerged from the Grand Canyon. Home of Emperor Constantinos of Lanius’s Legion, a Legion faction that embodies the brutality of the original Legion. They hold the most soldiers out of any faction.
  • Two Sun: The ruins of old world Tucson. Home of Emperor Otho of the Sons of Caesar which embodies the hedonism of the original Legion. They are for well known for their large stock of quality dogs.
  • Saguaro: The underground network under Saguaro National Park. Home of Emperor Vespasianus of the True Legion of Caesar. Despite being the second largest faction, they make significantly less military action compared to their contemporaries.
  • Castle: The ruins of old world Casa Grande. Home of Emperor Gregorio of the Grand Legion. While significantly weaker than any other settlement, their espionage and stealth capabilities are second to none. In instances, and entire True Legion cohort had their throats slit before they were even aware an ambush was happening.
  • Revenant: A primarily sandcrete town constructed around old world Wickenburg. Its name was taken from the only word remaining on a movie theater in town. Its occupants consist of those who left the Legion, NCR troops, and a small group of rich merchants who rule the area. While they are the second smallest settlement, they survive by being the only group in the Zone to primarily use firearms.
  • The Ashes: The city centers from Glendale to Scottsdale to Tempe to Phoenix are engulfed in radioactive glow. The only creatures able to survive in this area are ghouls and the stockpiles upon stockpiles of robots that have began to malfunction as the radiation takes its toll. There are 4 nuclear blast zones across the area.
  • The Sierra Madre: Sitting between Flagstaff and the Painted Desert, the Sierra Madre Casino is covered in a cloud of toxic air. Filled with ghost people, it is rumored to hold unspeakable wealth. But it’s not getting in that’s the hard part. It‘S letting go.
  • Vault 4: Located in the heart of the Ashes, Vault 4 was supposed to be the dwelling place of the Phoenix area’s greatest minds in robotics technologies. Rumors state that inside the vault is an override signal that can remotely shut off and reprogram every robot in the Ashes. The vault remains locked.
  • Vault 18: Just outside of the petrified forest, Vautl 18 was an experimental vault meant to test if psychological disorders were genetic or contagious in enclosed spaces, including schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, and dimentia. Despite pre-war projections, the vault has survived exceptionally well.

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