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Name Race Levels Description
Acacius Cato elf monk 2 Elven Monk
Alicia Human Commoner 2 A radiant woman, Alicia lives on her father's farm, and she is notorious for her loose ways with men.
Alomer half-elf sorcerer 2 A half-elf petty thief-turned Sorcerer
Goblin raiders Goblin Ranger 3 Goblin raider rides a worg
Grace Human Expert 2 A very young girl who is good with gadgets.
Karin Catian Ranger 1 She eagerly sets out to explore the forests and all that is hidden in them.
Lightning Tongue Half-Dragon (3) Kobold Barbarian 2 A kobold barbarian
Matron Mary Human Cleric 2 A cleric of Yewande in Blueblood
Tytharas Alumaril Fighter An Alumaril which fights with finesse and breaks the Alumaril Stereotype.
Yocham dwarf intercessor 2 A defender and champion of smiths and artisans.
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