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Blueblood is a small town of 1,200 people that serves as a pit stop between the Shield Lands and the Eastern Wastes. Nestled in a boggy forest, Blueblood lies beside an old dusty road, with its old dusty buildings, and its old dusty citizens. People are beginning to retire, to let the next generation take over. Blueblood is ruled by Lord Rainhall, appointed by the previous king. Rainhall suspects that an undead lair is somewhere nearby, and Ezekial and his friends are investigating. Blueblood used to be a sheep-herding community. It still is, but now it also has a focus on accommodating travelers. The people of Blueblood are, in general, fun-loving and jovial people. They work hard, but can enjoy a good joke or two.

Small Town: Conventional; AL LG; 800 gp limit; Population 1,200; Isolated (97% human, 1% dwarf, 1% halfling, 1% other)

Important NPCs[edit]

Notable Locations[edit]

Weird Morgan's Cottage[edit]

On the far edge of town is a small, rundown cottage. Its walls are made of clay and its roof is thatched. The small iron fence surrounding the hut is old and rusty. The gate is attached by one hinge and is swinging open. A crow sits on the crumbling chimney, watching you. Once you step inside, the aromas hit you immediately. Two giant urns full of incense are burning and thick smoke fills the air, making it difficult to breathe. The cottage is filled with all manners of strange items. Piles and heaps of little trinkets and household items litter the room. An old halfling woman sits perched on a stool, sipping something from a brandy bottle.

This is where Weird Morgan lives. She is a skilled healer and apothecary. The crow on the chimney is actually her familiar, who tells her when she's about to have visitors. There's a chest in a corner of the main room, covered in reams of cloth. Inside are 6,930 gold pieces, protected by an average lock. In the back of the cottage she has some small stables with two mules in it. To the side of the stables is a pack saddle and a riding saddle and gear, along with several bags of feed. A local child, Ned, takes care of the mules for her.

Lord's Manor[edit]

In the center of town is a tall manor house painted blue. Several young soldiers eye you nervously as you approach, and one coughs quietly.

This is where Lord Rainhall and his children live. The house is richly furnished and supplied, with a closely guarded vault filled with copper and silver, valued around 5,300 gold. His adviser, Rale Fishinger, lives nearby. Those seeking an audience with the lord can speak to him on Wednesdays. On special occasions, Rainhall holds festivals in the front courtyard of his manor. There is music and dancing, and games for the children.

Life and Death[edit]

This grimy tavern has its name pronounced in bold white letters above the door. You see that the big window besides the door has been shattered, and glass shards lie in a pile on the floor. Good-natured laughing comes from within.

Life and Death is owned by Brandon Aazer, who inherited it from his father. Brandon also runs a weaponsmithy in the basement. This tavern is the favorite spot of Old Man Rodrick. He sits quietly in the corner, rocking slowly on his rocking chair and puffing on a pipe. People come to him for advice on all matters to do with farm life. He's quite content just to sit in his rocking chair and watch the world around him.

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • A troll has settled down nearby, howling up a storm every night and occasionally banging on the gate. Find out what it wants and make it go away, before livestock or townsfolk start to disappear.
  • The people of Blueblood have become afflicted with some strange plague. According to the druid Grellum, the only way to end it is to find the Chalice of Mourning and destroy it.
  • Bands of goblins in the area have recently become more bold in their raids due to the arrival of a mysterious new leader.
  • A nest of ankhegs has infested Old Man Rodrick's farm, but any adventurers seeking to root out the monsters may find a bit more than they bargained for...
  • Ezekial and his companions are found dead outside of town, and a funeral procession is planned. When they rise later that night as ghouls, someone must stop them before they wreak havoc on the town.

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