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Catian are optimists in all respects. They take life as it comes, usually with much laughter and merriment, and never look to the future, past, or indeed the present. This outlook sometimes does more bad than good, but Catian are quick to make amends, and even quicker to forgive themselves. In battle they are quick and lively, leaving their enemies confused and bewildered as to what they will do next, utilizing there agility to their benefit.

Physical Description[edit]

Catian are short and muscular, but without the weight and ungainliness of dwarves or the slimness and beauty of elves. They stand 4½ to 5 feet tall, sometimes a bit more, and weigh around 85 pounds. They have definite cat features: a short muzzle, whiskers, vertical pupils, a long, graceful tail, and legs shaped like those of big cats; however they walk upright. Their skin is mostly covered in a coat of soft fur of any soft color, and their eyes are usually green, yellow or brown. Catian have hair like a human but they tend to keep it short. This is not a strict rule however, and their ears are those of a cat. Their arms are human, but furred less and less going down until their hands are furless.


Catian get along well with members of just about every other race. They admire those who live in the wild more than city dwellers. Because of this, they seek out the company of halflings, wood elves, and gnolls. Catian have a hard time understanding the slow, steady approach that dwarves take to life, and the two races have little in common. Because they are such opposites in both temperament and physical abilities, Catian and dwarves rarely enjoy the other’s company, although no real animosity exists between the races. Catians also believe in a communal family more than the common family structure. Children are raised by all the members of the community. Marriages are rare due to their urges towards adventure and exploration, but not unheard of.


Usually Chaotic Neutral. Naturally, Catian are almost always chaotic. Some do settle down for the quieter life but the road is always the Catian’s home. Most lean towards neutral on the other axis, having no interest in the affairs of state and the people in the lands they travel through, but some have a cruel streak, resulting in evil alignments. Some also lean towards good alignment since working with other adventures can lead to untold adventures.


Catian roam the open grasslands in temperate and tropical regions, shunning the colder lands even in the heights of summer. Wandering tribes of Catian rarely come close to the large cities of other races, but they occasionally camp within sight of a smaller town or village in order to trade. Catian roam great distances in their travels and do not become attached to a specific range or territory the way that nomadic tribes of humans sometimes do.



Catian have their own language, which they use primarily for conversation with other members of their race. Regardless of whether they communicate in Feline, Common, or some other language, Catian express their opinions quickly and expect others to do the same. Catian can listen to others patiently enough, but once they have expressed a clear opinion, they expect the conversation to come to a conclusion quickly. They have little time for those who attempt to persuade or debate by simply restating their opinion. They grow bored when others take a long time to reach a point or who view an exchange of opinions as a trial of endurance.


Catian name their children in Feline, which is impossible to transcribe into Common. However upon reaching his 9th birthday a Catian child may give himself a name in any language he desires, so there is no preset system for naming.


Adventuring Catian feel the restlessness common to their people more acutely than most. The thrill of discovery and a great sense of curiosity drive these adventurers to break from their tribes and wander other lands. Beyond simple wanderlust, some Catian find the heat of combat exhilarating, and the rush of danger draws the Catian adventurer ever onward. Catian admire adventurers and see accomplished adventurers as great assets to the tribe. The nomadic life of the Catian is fraught with danger and unexpected encounters, and the life of the typical Catian is more akin to that of an adventurer than the life of a typical human or elf.


Due to their adventuring natures, Catian tend to choose their mates based on those they meet on their adventures. With their feline nature, Catian can mate with most felines of medium to large size as well as most humanoids of small to large size. Regardless of what races or species they chose to mate with, Catian genetics remain dominate. Any offspring of a Catian will always be Catian. Due to this reason, most races tend to avoid mating with Catian. Catian pregnancies last for three months and roll a d% to determine the number of children. 01-05 for Four Children, 6-25 forSingle Child, 26-85 for Two Children, 86-99 for Three Children,and 00 for Five Children. Each child has a 60% chance to be female rolled separately. Every year starting after their 14th Birthday, Catian begin to go into heat every summer. They feel an almost uncontrollable urge to mate. These urges last until they have mated or until the end of the season. Due to these urges, Catian become much more gullible when dealing with members of the opposite gender. During this time, most Catian without a mate already selected, tend to avoid populated areas.

Feline Gestures[edit]

Catians in-character typically exhibit cat-like attitude, and may sometimes include cat gestures or sounds in communications. Thus, appropriate use of such will enrich the characterization of a Catian.

  • Purr - An expression of pleasure or comfort.
  • Hiss - An expression of displeasure or anger.
  • Snarl - An expression of aggression.
  • Low-pitch Growl - An expression warning. "You don't want this."
  • Strong Sigh - An expression of frustration in the form of a strong sigh or an exhaled snort.
  • Meow - Comes in a variety of sounds, with meanings of broad variation. Commonly used for communication with outside creatures, or when body language is not viable. The following examples are the most commonly used, and can vary from one breed to another.
  • "Greeting" Meow - A low meow or chirp, possibly with simultaneous purring; a happy hello.
  • "Attention" Meow - An expression of desire for attention.
  • "Hunger" Meow - An expression of desire for food.
  • "Outside" Meow - An expression of desire for fresh air. Usually an extended meow accompanied by a nose point.
  • Chirping Meow - An expression of predatory anticipation.
  • Chattery Meow - An expression of frustration.
  • Wailing Meow - An expression of distress. In older Catgirls it is a panicky repeated meow.
  • Caterwaul - A vocal exclamation of sexual heat. Rarely used in standard campaigns, but some Adult campaigns might find this applicable.
  • Insistent Meowing - An meow in response to another creature's vocalizations. Borders on conversational, except it's usually just repeating the same line. Used as a form of self-entertainment (when bored) and also for expressing insistence when they want something.


  • "Relaxed" Casual Ears - Ears pointed forward and outward slightly, listening passively.
  • Tilting Both Ears Forward "Alert Ears" - Signals focus & interest, possibly also curiosity.
  • Tilting Both Ears Backward - Signals aggression or fear, can also signal possessiveness.
  • Flattening Both Ears - Signals aggression and defensiveness. Flattening the ears protects them for the impending fight.
  • Twitching Ears - Signals agitation or anxiousness.
  • Rotating Ears - Listening in an attempt to find the source of a sound.
  • One Ear Forward, One Ear Back - Ambivalence.
  • "Pointing" With An Ear - Detects a sound in that direction. Seldom if ever used as an intentional signal by the character.


  • Tail Bristled - Expressing rage, anger, and/or panic.
  • Tail Hooked - Expressing uncertainty, but not feeling threatened.
  • Upright Tail - Friendly posture.
  • Upright Tail Quivering - Very pleased, possibly expectant.
  • Flicking of the Tail Tip - Used when acknowledging of an individual presence, but being currently occupied and not wanting to be interrupted.
  • Twitching Tail - Expressing alertness and interest.
  • Thrashing Tail - Expressing excitement or potential aggression.
  • Tail Swish - Expressive of a mental conflict or indecisiveness.
  • Tail Between Legs - Submissive posture.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Strength , +4 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma: Catian will charm within minutes. However they often get into muddles stronger characters must get them out of
  • Humanoid ( Feline Subtype)
  • Medium: As Medium creatures Catians receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Catian base land speed is 40 feet
  • Low-Light Vision ( Ex): Catian can see twice as far as a human can in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions. This only give an approximate location, only within 30 feet can they tell exact location.
  • Natural Weapons: Catians have retractable claws on their hands and feet as well as sharp teeth. They have two primary claw attacks, each with a damage value of 1d6 and a Bite which does 1d4 damage.
  • Weapon Finesse( Claw) and Weapon Finesse ( Bite) Catians apply their Dexterity Bonus to their Attack Rolls instead of their Strength Bonus.
  • Sharp Senses ( Ex): The Catian have very sharp senses gaining them Alertness as a bonus feat.
  • Vulnerability to sonic attacks due to their sensitive hearing. She takes half again as much (+50%) damage as normal from the effect, regardless of whether a saving throw is allowed, or if the save is a success or failure.
  • Scent ( Ex): Catians can identify by scent as well as a human can by sight. They can detect opponents within 30 feet. 60 feet if upwind, and 15 feet if downwind. Strong scents can be detected twice as far such as smoke and rotting garbage. However due to their sharp sence of smell, they take a -2 penalty to fortitude saves verses smell based effects (example being a Troglodyte's stench, or Inhaled poisons).
  • Feline Agility ( Ex): Catian have an innate ability to stay balanced on their feet. They gain +4 bonus on Balance and Tumble checks and always land on their feet if jumping or falling, but they still take any applicable damage. Catians apply their Dexterity Bonus to Climb and Jump Checks instead of their Strength Bonus. Catians also gain a +2 racial bonus on Climb, Hide, Jump and Move Silently checks.
  • Spooked( Ex): When surprised, Catian may shift 5 feet as an immediate reaction during the surprise round.
  • Controlled Fall( Ex): When you fall, you treat the fall as if it were 10' less, and you always land on your feet. At level 11 treat the fall as if it were 20' less, and at 21st level treat falls as if it were 30' less.
  • Feline Empathy ( Ex): Catians can talk to any feline animal ( cats, leopards, tiger and so on). Catian have an inborn talent in dealing with domestic cats, and will automatically succeed on all Handle Animal checks involving them. For non-domestic felines, they make a roll like normal but gain a +8 racial bonus.
  • Automatic Languages: Feline and Common. Bonus Languages: Any. Catian find it useful to learn the languages of their friends and enemies, and will take the extra effort to learn them.
  • Ageless Body( Ex): Does not gain any benefits or penalties for aging as they retain their youthful appearance.
  • Favored Class: Ranger. A multiclass Catian’s ranger class does not count when determining whether she takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.
  • Bonus Feats : Catians can take the feats Improved Natural Attack, Improved Multiattack, Improved Grab, Pounce, Rake, Multiattack and Fangs of the Feline as there bonus feats.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Catian Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
12 years +1d2 +1d4 +2d4
Table: Catian Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
30 years 45 years 63 years +2d6 years
  • Ageless Body( Ex): Does not gain any benefits or penalties for aging as they retain their youthful appearance.
Table: Catian Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4' 4" +2d4 80 lb. 1d20 × 1 lb.
Female 4' 0" +2d4 70 lb. 1d20 × 1 lb.

Example Catian: Karin Level 1 Catian Ranger

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