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Pages ('*meta') about pages.


Improving, Reviewing, and Removing Articles

See Help:Improving, Reviewing, and Removing Templates to learn how and when to use each template in a condensed form.



  • Admin List — A list of the admins. Ask questions to, get help from, or contact a specific admin.
  • Barnstar Recognition — Users who have received special recognition for their edits can be found here. They can be assumed to be knowledgeable users, and feel free to ask for their assistance.
  • Helper List — A list of users who are openly willing to help out with issues, whether complex problems or proofreading. Ask for their help freely.


  • DnD Guidelines — Learn about some guidelines to follow; mainly when submitting your homebrew content.
  • Featured Articles — See the featured articles, nominate your or someone else's article, or put a current featured article up for review.
  • Sandbox — Play around in the sandbox to see how things look like.
  • Template:Welcome Message — Use this for a user who recently registered a username.



If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining D&D Wiki, ignore it.

As a general rule Wikipedia's policies are in effect. Please use common sense with this overarching policy. As Wikipedia changes, the below list is not exact. If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining D&D Wiki, ignore it.


  • Warning Policy deals with specific wordings used.
  • After 13 indents (:::::::::::::) of any discussion Template:Discussion Indentation Revert is added when one is adding a new comment. The new comment starts at 1 indent (:).
  • The only external links which one may reference are those on DnD Links. However the external link reference does not have to be in the same format as on DnD Links.
Special Pages
Help Pages
  • All Help Pages — A list of all the Help pages.
  • Help:Portal — A portal for all the help pages.
  • Help:FAQ — Learn a little more about D&D Wiki and its policies.
  • Help:Talk Pages — Learn all about talk pages: their use, how to correctly format them, etc.
Talk and Discussion
  • Discussion — Ask questions and get them answered in a forum-style discussion.

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