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These are the D&D Wiki pages in Category:Wording Issues. You are encouraged to go in and fix them. If the article has been fixed and grammatical issues resolved, please remove the "wording" template from the article.

If the discovered issues of an article are irresolvable, substitute the "wording" template for a "delete" template.

Wording Issues[edit]

To request a page gets grammatical help please and add the code below to the top of that page. Please do not remove any content from the page when adding this template. The discussion about its grammar should take place on its talk page.

{{wording|<!--Insert the articles areas which have grammatical issues here. A more detailed list of an articles grammatical mistakes should be presented on the talk page; if desirable.-->}}

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Articles with a "Wording Issues" template.
Page Name Notes
Abyssal Knight (5e Class) This class has multiple features with unclear wording and capitalization errors. The class should also not use the X times per day or per long rest wording, among various other problems.
Axe of Changing State (5e Equipment) Capitalziation errors everywhere, what is +3, sliceing damage, etc,
Behold (5e Equipment) Spelling, grammar, terminology and wikilinks all need improving.
Biomage (3.5e Class) Formatting and wording needs some work.
Black Blood (5e Class) Typos and capitalization errors everywhere.
Black Blooded (5e Class) Terminology needs much improvement.
Bluffing through the darkness Needs rewriting for clarity, this is almost incomprehensible.
Book of Tech (3.5e Sourcebook)wip its sub-pages have severe grammar and spelling issues.
Boon of War (5e Epic Boon) See talk.
Broken Shackles (5e Equipment) Capitalization and other miscellaneous errors seen throughout the item.
Card Slinger (5e Class) Typos throughout (a few misspellings, incorrect capitalization as class names should not be capitalized)
Celestial Hunter (5e Class) Writing, terminology and mechanics are all rough.
Celt (5e Race) General cleanup.
Changeling (alternative)(5e Race) Wording is a bit wonky in places, and terminology needs correcting ("All player stats"?)
Chaos (3.5e Deity) Poorly written. An overdeity that appears a dozen times per day (given a mere 1000 followers praying daily) to reverse gravity for an hour? Wuh? OP possibly misunderstands what an overdeity is supposed to be.
Chronarch, Timelord (3.5e Race) Needs a lil' spruce up with capitalisation an' whatnot
Combat Alchemist (3.5e Class) Could do with being written in English.
Complete Werewolf Overhaul (3.5 template variant) I understand this is a WIP, but please take care with your terminology ("mental attributes"?)
Cranes (4e Race) Stories and descriptions need better wording.
Crusader (5e Class) This class has numerous typos, punctuation, and capitalization errors. The class also uses terms like once every long or short rest, and has many features with unclear wording.
Crystalics (3.5e Race) Grammar needs work.
Cubi (3.5e Class) "balanced Tire 3 class."? This is full of typos. Spell list is messy and doesn't adequately explain where the spells can be found.
Cucumbers (3.5e Race) Grammar needs improving. Add the April Fools template if this is supposed to be a joke.
Cursed blade (5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need improving.
Cyborgs (3.5e Race) Spelling and grammar needs a lot of work.
Dark Knight, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) The wording on the class features is a bit ropy.
Dark monk (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Spelling and grammar need some work.
Daywalker (5e Template) Spelling and grammar is appalling.
Death Knight (4e Class) Spelling, grammar and formatting needs improving.
Death Knight Minions (4e Creature) Spelling, grammar and formatting needs improving.
Demiplanic orb (5e Equipment) Wall of text needs arranging into paragraphs. Please also have a look at spells in the PHB to see if any could be used. 5e SRD:Demiplane springs to mind.
Demon Brawler (3.5e Class) Grammar and terminology need much improvement.
Demonslayer arm Dont delete this template until you actually improve the wording.
Devas (5e Race) Many word choices and phrases are not in par with 5e SRD.
Disco Knight (3.5e Class) Some spelling errors.
Dragon (5e Race) Some outdated language; for example, special abilities aren't classified as extraordinary or supernatural abilities in 5th edition. Additionally, 5e races should be written in second person, i.e. describing or addressing "you", not "the dragon" or "the player".
Dragon Eater (3.5e Class) Grammar and spelling needs improving. Still mentions god devouring in the lead sentence and in other places from a hasty cut-and-paste.
Dragon Warrior (3.5e Class) Formatting and grammar need improving
Drakeal (3.5e Deity) Needs to be better written, this is very generic and poorly written.
Drakoniant (5e Race) Strength of the Elders and Draconic Lungs should be rewritten to make sense.
Dwarven steel (3.5e Equipment) This is quite hard to follow. Full of typos and poor grammar.
Elemental Adept (5e Class) Grammar needs improving, many traits need rewording
Elementalist V2.0 (3.5e Class) Does not read through well.
Elixra Spelling needs improving
Elves, Shadow (3.5e Race) Grammar needs to be improved; D&D terminology needs to be used (what is "+2 to accuracy"?)
Entings (3.5e Race) Grammar is confusing in places; redlinks
Evomancer (3.5e Class) Grammar and formatting needs working on.
Faster (3.5e Template) Very strangely worded.
Feather-Light Steel (3.5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need work.
Feles (5e Race) Total mess.
Fey Whisper (5e Equipment) Basic stuff like capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and not making the plant name a proper noun
Fey struck (Pathfinder Race) Spelling and grammar need improving. Do fey see them glow, or do they glow because they are part fey?
Feyline Spelling and grammar is pretty poor: basically needs rewriting
Fiend Fever (5e Curse) Wording needs improvement.
Fornraeth (3.5e Race) Grammar needs some work.
Fortress Armor (5e Equipment) Although this page is mostly well-written, there is ambiguity at one important point. Does this provide 20 AC in addition to another +2 AC from an attachable shield? Or does the 20 AC already include the attached shield bonus? See talk page.
Free-Runner (3.5e Class) Needs wikilinks, the bonus feats for example.
Gestalt /Warrior generic class (3.5e Optimized Character Build) There's no need to shout.
Gnobins (3.5e Race) Explain how a fantasy creature can have a "home life similar to 1950's American household."
Grave Knight Needs to be more careful with wording. For example Empower's "ability used" reads like it works with ability checks. Also missing a summary
Gravity Knight (5e Class) Terminology needs improving (e.g. "successful melee strike" should be "when you hit with a melee weapon attack"; 5e doesn't have "Standard Actions" or a "staggered" condition; "Str save" should be "Strength saving throw", etc)
Greatdemonslayer claws
Gungnir Grammar needs improving
Gwlithenni (3.5e Race) See talk page, pronunciation needs clarifying
Gymizophun(3.5e Race) Description, grammar, formatting and terminology all need some improving; x0 template and categories need filling in.
Half-Basilisk (5e Race) Grammar needs improving.
Half-Slime (3.5e Race) Grammar, terminology need improving. x0 template and categories need finishing for indexing purposes
Half-Time Lord (3.5e Race) Description is not great, particularly religion (if you are shoehorning a sci-fi race into a D&D, then they must be adapted to account for a world in which deities objectively exist)
Hand of The God (3.5e Spell) Grammar needs improving.
Harpie (3.5e Race) Wording needs some work. Confusingly similar to a harpy.
Heavy Weapons Master (5e Feat) Just needs writing out properly.
Heavy demonslayer arm Needs improvement all around
Heavyweight Boxer (5e Class) Numerous typos, punctuation errors, capitalization errors(class names are not capitalized), and unclear wording, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Holy Kick (3.5e Maneuver) Wording needs improving.
Huginn & Muninn I can not comprehend what this dagger actually does because of the poor wording.
Hurricane Blade Wording needs improving and page needs ID
Incorporeal Skeleton (5e Creature) Is this "Incorporeal Skeleton" or "Tormented Soul"?
Infinium, Gun Mage (3.5e Class) Riddled with grammatical errors and poor terminology
Karnit (5e Race) Grammar, terminology and formatting all need attention.
Kataima Incarnate Grammar and terminology need improving. Ability modifiers themselves don't change, as they're just another aspect of the ability score, and it's getting into the stacking that 5e tries to remove: You probably want this to be advantage on Strength checks or something. What is a "great maul", is a homebrew weapon or just a maul? This is all over the place.
Klyntar Host (5e Class) Some odd grammar makes some of these features difficult to follow
Knight, Teoryran (3.5e Class) Does not read through well.
Kobin (5e Race) Bad grammar, I cannot read this well.
Krayak (Pathfinder Environment) the one sentence in the grammar error box has grammar errors
Kryptonian (D20 Modern Class) Wording needs improving.
Kurotsume(revised) Spelling errors.
Lance of michael Grammar, spelling and terminology needs improving.
Landless Lord (3.5e Class) Grammar is all over the place.
Languages (3.5e Other) Formatting, spelling, and grammar need overhauling.
Lapinians (3.5e Race) Grammar needs fixing
Light demonslayer arm
Loose Limbs (3.5e Variant Rule) Grammar needs improving
MagicMystic (3.5e Class) Bizarre wording. What does "You have access to all the spells to the grade that equals your intelligence modifier" mean, for example?
Magic and Magic Items (City-States In Chaos Supplement) Prose needs some work
Magic baseball bat Could do with some basic grammar.
Make up kit of deceit (3.5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar needs working on.
Master of the Sword (5e Class) Nouns that are not proper nouns should not be capitalized ("human", "master of the sword", etc). Headers should not be in bold, and should not be all-caps.
Megalosaurasapians (5e Race)
Mind Field (5e Class) A lot of this is hard to follow. It starts with "When creating a field the Mind Field, and up to 49 other creatures..." - wuh? Maybe explain what a "field" is first; and it's a bit confusing because the name of the feature ("field") is similar to the name of the class ("mind field").
Minecrafter (3.5e Class) Spelling and grammar throughout needs fixing.
Monohue Magician (4e Paragon Path) Elemental Summoning needs clarification - what do the question marks mean?
Moonwolf (5e Race) Minor grammatical errors everywhere.
Movanic Deva (3.5e Racial Class) Does not read through well.
Multiplectic (5e Race) grammar and formatting mistakes
Mystogan (3.5e Deity) Spelling and grammar need working on.
Nanogene Dispenser (3.5e Equipment) Needs to be legible.
Ninja of the hidden waters throwing needles (3.5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need improving
Nobody (4e Race) Spelling and grammar both need work.
NorthSky (3.5e Pantheon) Try paragraphs; get rid of the camelCase
Oath of Unbreakable Devotion (3.5e Feat) Needs rewording so that it makes sense. Also unsure why this is an item creation feat.
Ocarin (5e Race) Lots of typos
One Armed Master (5e Feat) Wording needs improving. Sneak attack is not a "stealth based ability", the game has no such definition. The damage isn't "upgraded".
Painless Death (5e Trap) Rife with random capitals and erroneous grammar.
Paranoid Agent (5e Background) grammar
Pheonix born (fixed) Writing needs improving.
Pirate, Archetype Variant Ah, the old "intensive purposes". This will need a pass-through for style and grammar.
Potion of violent divination (5e Equipment) Better wording needed (change the D's into d's for a start).
Primal Hunter Lacks punctuation, and the spelling in some places is atrocious.
Prophet (3.5e Prestige Class) See talk.
Psychopath (5e Class) Barely any of this makes sense. Poor spelling and grammar throughout. Features should be written in second-person.
Psychotic (3.5e Feat) Writing is poor.
Pugilist (3.5e Class) Terminology and wording need fixing (they fight with "little weapons"? :)
Pumpkin child (3.5e Race) Terminology issues throughout ("health points"?)
Pyromancer (5e Class) This class has capitalization errors and unclear wording, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Quadon's intense pain (5e Spell) Wording needs improving. Is there any chance this could do something more interesting than lots-of-damage. Every high-level damaging spell in the PHB has some interesting twist on the way it works. This is just flat damage.
Quietus (5e Class) This is full of little wording errors. Example: "half their hit points remaining(not including temporary hit points)"; temporary hit points are not hit points, so this caveat is unneeded; quick build should mention a specific background (it is quick build), features shouldn't be referred to as "abilities", and so on
Raptorborn (5e Race) Spelling needs improving (it's "raptor" for a start).
Ricochet Throw (Pathfinder Feat) Writing needs improving.
Ring Of Godspeed (3.5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need correcting
Ring of Bravado (5e Equipment) The wording is a bit flawed in places.
Ring of the Dragon (3.5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need correcting
River Demon (5e Race) That's not how apostrophes work, and the race name is not a proper noun.
Ronin of the Blade(3.5e Class) Grammar errors throughout.
Saberon (5e Race) Grammar and terminology needs improving.
Saddlebag of Holding (5e Equipment) Wording needs improving.
Salve-Maker (5e Class) Terminology issues, see talk page.
Samurai Religion (Teoryran World Supplement) Spelling. Grammar. Formatting.
Samurai Resources (Teoryran World Supplement) Spelling. Grammar. Formatting.
Sangheili (Halo elites) Spelling and grammar need work.
Scorpion-kin (5e Race) Needs going over for spelling and grammar corrections.
Sexy Armor (5e Equipment) Writing needs to be improved, particularly the grammar, but the description and the mechanics should be separate rather than mixed up.
Shadow Pixie (3.5e Race) Multiple grammar errors
Shadow Rogue (5e Class) Wording, terminology, formatting need improving. Also please attribute the image's artist and link to the source.
Shadow Stalker (5e Class) "1d20+background/race gp. "? Why not make that thieves' tools, since they are proficient with it. Spells should be in lower-case italics. Many features have awkward wording.
Shadowblade (5e Equipment) Several spelling and grammatical errors (physique damage, transforrmed).
Shaman (Warcraft Version) (5e Class) Typos everywhere, mentions of mechanics not in 5e(Reflex/dr), things like per 3 shaman level, take damage reroll dice, and several unclear features.
Shard of Pure Chaos (3.5e Equipment) Poor grammar throughout.
Shard of Pure Good (3.5e Equipment) Poor grammar throughout.
Shard of Pure Law (3.5e Equipment) Poor grammar throughout.
Shard of the Abyss (3.5e Equipment) Terminology needs improving.
Shardsoul (3.5e Template) Grammar and terminology need overhauling.
Shiki (5e Race) Spelling and grammar need significantly improving.
Sky Mage (5e Class) Class is excessively wordy. Consider moving Domain Spells to 5e Spells.
Slinger's wand (5e Equipment) The weapon has unclear wording, and numerous typos, capitalization, and other grammatical errors.
Spell Surge Ritual (5e Feat) I think OP's hands were shaking.
Spike of distorted flesh (5e Equipment) Grammar and spelling needs improving here and there.
Staff of Cats (5e Equipment) Who are you quoting?
Stand User (5e Class) The abilities are confusing, to the degree they cannot be understood.
Sticky Bomb (5e Equipment) Really wonkily worded.
Strong Arm (5e Feat) Probably needs a name change; not sure to what, though.
Super Hero (3.5e Class) Grammar and spelling. A lot of terms are contracted or abbreviated when they shouldn't be.
Templar (3.5e Class) Grammar needs improving.
Terrorizing (5e Feat) Wording needs bringing to standards.
The 20 moon pearls (5e Equipment) Spelling and grammar need improving.
The Jester (3.5e Deity) Grammar and spelling need improving.
The Slayer's Guide to Trolls (DnD Other) That whole spelling and grammar thing.
The True Samurai (3.5e Class) Class names and weapon names are not proper nouns.
The Unapprochable East (3.5e Sourcebook) Spelling and grammar need working on. Could to with an introductory paragraph.
The Witcher (3.5e Class) Some work needs doing improving the language and terminology. I've read through Witcher Styles twice and it's incomprehensible to me.
The crypt (4e Quest) Some basic spelling, grammar and formatting would help.
The iron gauntlet (5e Deity) Spelling and grammar need a lot of work.
Theurge (3.5e Class) Poor spelling and grammar throughout.
Thunder Cleaves (3.5e Prestige Class) Abilities are not written out for most of the progression.
Tome of runes (5e Equipment) Should use second-person perspective ("you acquire", not "he/she acquires").
Transmutation Alchemist (5e Class) Needs general cleanup and a few grammatical corrections
Trolling (5e Race) Trolling Taunt starts off fine, but the ideas get muddled about halfway through, consider rephrasing.
True Dragonborn (5e Race) The spelling and grammar on this page is horrendous.
Two-sided glaive (3.5e Equipment) Needs rewriting and possibly re-titling ("double glaive")
Uchiha (3.5e Race) Grammar and descriptions need improving.
Ultimate Elimentalist (3.5e Class) Typos everywhere. The class name should not be a proper noun, and there's stuff like "Combat: Rolls vary." Also needs correcting to 'Elementalist'.
Undead LongBow Wording needs to be improved. You need to explain what the "+2" is, and that this is a magic weapon, for example; and it should be written in second-person perspective.
Unliving Savant (3.5e Class) Spelling and grammar need work.
Valinor Guard (3.5e Class) See above
Vizison (4e Race) Sentence syntax/grammar needs work.
Void Archer (3.5e Class) Description is grammatically poor, nonsensical in places.
Voidblade (5e Class) Garbled in some places, features are poorly worded. For example I have no idea what Gate Onslaught does.
Vulpin (5e Race) Phrasing of the traits needs improving.
Wastelander (3.5e Class) Writing is poor.
Water Monkey (Artemian) (5e Race) Wording needs improving: spelling, grammar and tone.
White Cleric (3.5e Class) grammar needs some work.
Wild shape master (5e Feat) This page would benefit from phrasing/grammatical revision. It is currently difficult to understand the precise effects of this feat.
Wilderi (5e Race) Spelling and grammar need much improvement.
Yautjas (3.5e Race) Grammar is poor throughout.
Zekyl (5e Race) Spelling and grammar need improving.
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