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Rating: 4 / 5
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The known world of Tyrus.

You shall be as gods.
Korian Battle Prayer

Player's Handbook

Character Creation
Advice on creating your character.
The many different races of Tyrus.
The different classes of this world.
Feats & Flaws
Great powers and great blunders.
A guide to specific magic and spells used in Tyrus.
Equipment used in Tyrus.

World Reference

Monster Manual
The beasts and beings encountered in Tyrus.
The history of Tyrus.
The major deities, minor deities, and religions of Tyrus.
Legends & Myths
Legends and myths passed on through rumors and stories.
The geography and layout of Tyrus.
The different planes of Tyrus.
The different organizations of this world.
Important people in the world of Tyrus.

Dungeon Master's Guide

About Project Tyrus
Basic info about this project.
Adding to Tyrus
About contributing to this project.
Variant Rules
Different rules, templates, etc. that you can use when running a Tyrus campaign.
These adventures and quests are set in Tyrus.
Deadly things to challenge adventurers.
Maps, handouts, pictures, etc.

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