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A painting depicting a skirmish during the Constructionist Era.

The Original Idea[edit]

Tyrus is a world that I have been thinking up for a while now. I haven't really included countries or war in my campaigns prior to this one, so I decided to put countries and warring factions into this world. Tyrus is a world of conflict and mystery. The characters do not know much about the world around them on a global scale, only what they know locally. It leaves the DM a lot of space to work with when determining what's coming around the corner for the adventurers.


The map for Tyrus was the first map I ever created with Campaign Cartographer 3. I actually made it while listening to a tutorial for CC3. I think the map turned out well, mapping out the world, yet keeping enough flexibility to add more locations to it without altering the map.

Other Homebrew[edit]

I will be including classes and races created by other members of D&D Wiki that I believe fit into the general world of Tyrus. They will link straight to the owner's page.

Stand Alone World[edit]

Tyrus will be a world where deities and events that have been laid out in various D&D books will not have occurred. The gods will all be new gods (No Pelor, Ehlonna, etc.) and the planes may be changed to fit Tyrus better. I will try to make the setting as detailed as possible, but when there is no information you can fill it in with your own ideas. (Figuratively, of course. Don't go throwing random ideas into my project without asking!)

Fantasy Class[edit]

Recently I got the okay from my Fantasy Lit. teacher, Mrs. Yang, to use World of Tyrus as the setting for my fantasy project. I will be developing this campaign at school now, as well as at home.

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