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Emperors of the Vologasian Dynasty
<<<Altonian Dynasty
Empress Vologasia I (1301-1328)
Emperor Pakor (1328-1355)
Empress Vologasia II (the "Just") (1355-1397)
Empress Vologasia III (1397-1441)
Emperor Vologases I (1441-1443)
Empress Vologasia IV (1443-1474)
Emperor Vologases II (1474)

Ardashid Dynasty>>>
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A coin from the Vologasian Dynasty.

The seven monarchs of the Vologasian Dynasty (1301-1474) pulled off the greatest deception known to the world. The first Empress Vologasia led a popular revolt against the corrupt Emperor Altoni, finally ending the heavy-handed Altonian Dynasty. She implemented a series of government reforms that restored “trust, faith and honor” (the motto for the Dynasty) in the Empire. She ended all forms of discrimination, and even appointed a half-orc (so it appeared) as her successor. Other than an occasional rebellion, and increasing tension with the aggressive Alabastrian Empire, the first century of the Vologasian Dynasty is remembered as a period of unusual tranquility and prosperity.

And lies.

It turns out that Vologasia was not a human, as it appeared. Nor was her successor Pakor a half-orc. Nor was he succeeded by a succession of the two humans named after the dynastic founder. In realty, all four of these monarchs were halflings who had discovered a ritual to counteract the curse of Lucinda that prevented halflings from enjoying the landbond. The deception was designed to show Lucinda, who the Vologasians were convinced had carefully been watching the halfling race, that the halflings were ready to rule her Empire again, and to beg her to return.

On the Dynasty’s centennial, Empress Vologasia III abandoned her carefully constructed illusions and revealed that she and her predecessors had all been halflings. The Testament – the society dedicated to enforcing Lucinda’s curse – was taken entirely unawares. What followed was a massive civil war, called the Testament War, in which the Testament hunted down anybody with knowledge of the ritual that allowed the halflings to landbond, and destroy it. Vologasia III managed to evade numerous attempts on her life, while trying to crush the rebellion with increasingly harsh and desperate measures. Finally, after 40 years, a Testament assassin found his mark.

After Vologases I, the Empress' son, was quickly killed by the Testament, Vologasia IV, the Empress’ daughter, was crowned in a secret ceremony outside the capital of Artifice. When she died, almost never having been seen in public, Vologases II, her son, decided he would not cower in the dark. Lucinda wanted to see that her race was brave. He would be the first halfling openly crowned since Lucinda. However, on the day of the coronation, it is said, a Dragon appeared, ridden by the goliath Ardasha, attacked the coronation and swallowed Vologases II whole. The Testament War continued for another seven years, with nobody taking the First Throne, until the Testament had eliminated every copy of the Antilucindan Ritual and killed every halfling they could find who had received the ritual. After 47 years of infighting and bloodshed, the Empire was desperate for a new Dynasty, and Ardasha was prepared to found it.

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