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Both contemplative and cruel, the Titans rule the Ochre Mountains from their Mist-enshrouded temples, ordering their ogre and goliath servants to deal with all trespassers with the utmost belligerence.

Realm: Ochre Mountains

Cities: This Realm has no known cities.

Noble: Ogre

Ogre Breeds: None

Base: Goliath

Goliath Breeds: None
Helios as Personification of Midday by Anton Raphael Mengs. One of an ensemble of four paintings with personifications of the times of day intended as supraportas for the boudoir of Maria Luisa of Parma, Princess of Asturia, now in the Palacete de la Moncloa as part of the Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid. Oil on canvas, 192 x 180 cm.
The Titans use wondrous powers to observe the mortals below.

The Titans are a Patron race of enormous stature, dwelling deep in their Realm, the Ochre Mountains. A Titan might be any large creature that is not already included in another class of Patron, which is larger than Large in size, and which is an appropriate encounter at the epic tier of play. The Titans created the noble race of ogres as well as their smaller cousins, the goliaths. The tall peaks of the Ochre Mountains stretch into the Mists themselves. There, in secluded temples, the Titans contemplate their mysteries, while their ogre and goliath servants tend to their needs and defend their Realm.


This noble race of creature actually encompasses any Large-sized intelligent natural humanoid, including ogres, trolls, and others. They serve their Titan Patrons as guardians, surveyors and supervisors of the goliaths who roam the countryside. Ogres who leave the Ochre Mountains are generally in search of action to sate their bloodlust and are easily diverted to serving unscrupulous masters.

Prominent Ogres[edit]

Mazdak: An 18th century philosopher who preached in favor of social justice and against immortality. The only ogre ever exiled from the Ochre Mountains.


The goliaths are the base race serving their Titan Patrons. They roam through the vales and peaks of the Ochre Mountains surveying their Patrons' demesnes and reporting to the noble race of Ogres who then pass the word to the Patrons in their Mist-shrouded mountaintop Aeries.

It is a peaceful life, and most goliaths remain happily in the Ochre Mountains, but the more restless goliaths will venture into the Free Kingdoms of Winteren, Verdant, Minia, Midhaven and even as far as the Caliphate in search of adventure.

Prominent Goliath[edit]

  • Cyr: He vanquished ghilan Nebu the dragonslayer, founded the City of Artifice and the Middle Empire, the first empire in Patronage. He also commissioned the creation of a legendary artifact: the First Throne.
  • Daria: Cyr's granddaughter was the first mortal to transcribe a code of laws, which still form the basis of most laws in the Free Kingdoms today.
  • Waros: Daria's son tried to consolidate all the Dragonslands under his rule, awakening the slumbering Dragons, who razed Artifice and destroyed the Middle Empire.
  • Nikos: The Lucinda's champion, he became the founder and first emperor of the Second Empire.
  • Shapur: A mighty emperor of the Second Empire, who captured the Immortal Deva and Alabastrian Empress Xalia.
  • Hormizd: Shapur's son negotiated a mighty ransom for Xalia's release. It was so dear that Xalia declared another war to retrieve it.
  • Bahra: Hormizd's daughter was tortured by three days by the Anthropophagi trying in vaid to find Hormizhd's Ransom.
  • Ardasha: The founder of the Ardashid Dynasty.
  • Yazdegerd: Great emperor of the Second Empire who oversaw the creation of the Wall (now Walls Road) that protected the Empire from invasion for almost a millennium.
  • Peroz: Puppet of the lich Efthal and first Emperor of the Efthali Dynasty.
  • Buzurg: The founder of Midhaven.
  • Ghiya: Queen of Midhaven who was deposed by Ironguard and exiled for 20 years before her triumphant return.
  • Sejean the "Great": The current king of Minia.

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