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Hey, my name is Thayer. I'm not joking; that's my actual name.

I started playing dnd in late 2012, and have been having a blast playing it ever since. I currently play in two 3.5 games, and DM my own 3.5 adventure.

I am very much in favor of balance in games, and not aiming to totally clown literally anything that comes your way. Optimization is great, but it really just makes things boring and kind of aggravating to DM. That being said, optimizing your character's primary combat prowess is a good thing, just don't take it too far. To relate to the tier system, Tiers 3 and 4 are perfect. They are good at their job, and can help in other areas, but other characters should probably handle it. Hey, Barbarian, let the Marshal talk down the angry Bugbear. Intimidating him will only complicate this.

Magic of Incarnum is my favorite supplement to 3.5. It is powerful, versatile, but its not broken. The lore doesn't quite match the Totemist, but hey, thats a bit nitpicky. I have played a 20th level Incarnate of Law. A vampire burned to death after hitting me seven times. (63d6 fire)

Message me if you have a question about something I made, or if you have any questions in general. My email address is

My favorite contributions:


Zephyr (3.5e Class), Divine Commander (3.5e Class)


Silent Aura (3.5e Feat)


P.S. Dragons are awesome

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