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Frostbite Warknight[edit]

Is it cold in here, or is it just me?
—Odin Frostbeard, Desert Dwarf, Frostbite Warknight

The mighty Frostbite Warknight is a living iceberg, sent into combat to take hits and keep the attention of their enemies. Her icy full plate armor protects her, and keeps her foes attention focused on her. The mighty Frostbite Warknight's glare may freeze some foes in their tracks, with their only solace being in assaulting the walking iceberg herself. Beware the Frostbite Warknight...

Becoming a Frostbite Warknight[edit]

A character meant to tank and take hits can dream of protecting her allies to her dying breath, but only a select few warriors may join the ranks of the monolithic Frostbite Warknights.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any.
Base Attack Bonus: -
Proficency: Must be proficent with full plate armor.
Skills: Concentration 4 ranks
Special: Must have been frozen in natural ice for one full consecutive hour without being under the effects of any spells.
Table: The Frostbite Warknight

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +2 Ice Plate, Icy Mind, Frost Resistance 10
2nd +2 +3 +1 +3 Ice Plate +1
3rd +3 +3 +1 +3 Frost Resistance 20, Extreme Focus
4th +4 +4 +1 +4 Ice Plate +2
5th +5 +4 +2 +4 Frost Immunity, FrostMind
6th +6 +5 +2 +5 Aura of Ice, Ice Plate +3
7th +7 +5 +2 +5 Frostbite Mist, Dire Frostbite
8th +8 +6 +2 +6 Ice Plate +4, Spell Resistance
9th +9 +6 +3 +6 Woundfreeze
10th +10 +7 +3 +7 Ice Plate +5, Living Iceberg

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level)
Concentration (Con), Knowledge (Geography) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str)

Class Features[edit]

Ice Plate (Ex): A Frostbite Warknight begins her reign as the mighty tank. She emerges from the iceberg that encompassed her covered in ice. Any armor she previously wore falls at her feet and her body begins to fuse with the ice that surrounds it. This ice functions as masterwork mithral full plate armor at level 1.

At 2nd level, and every even level thereafter, a Frostbite Warknight's Ice Plate gains an enchantment bonus equal to half their Frostbite Warknight level. (+1 at level 2, +2 at level 4, and so on). In addition, the Ice Plate grants the Frostbite Warknight DR/- equal to the enchantment bonus granted by the Ice Plate. (DR 1/- at level 2, DR 2/- at level 4, and so on).

This armor can be removed only if the Frostbite Warknight so chooses, and in this instance, the armor contracts into the Frostbite Warknight's skin. Equipping the armor requires a free action, as her body simply freezes and reforms the armor.

In temperatures that exceed 100 degrees Celcius, the armor begins to melt, causing the Frostbite Warknight to take a -4 penalty to her AC, as well as losing the enchantment bonuses and damage reduction granted by the Ice Plate. This elevated temperature must be constant for at least 10 minutes (100 rounds) to have this effect; a fire spell does nothing detrimental to the armor besides dealing damage.

Icy Mind (Su): A 1st level Frostbite Warknight gains the power to focus on the weak of mind so much that the target can only see an illusion created by the mighty Frostbite Warknight. This illusion takes the form of a illusionary frozen tundra, with any obstacle that impedes movement or poses a threat (such as a character or a pit of lava) appearing in a form that discourages the target from moving that way. (Most appear as a simple mound of ice or an icy pit). The target moves in the quickest way possible to the Frostbite Warknight if necessary and attacks if possible. The target uses whatever means of attack it chooses; it is not under control, it is simply under the effect of an illusion. This is a swift action.

The target can negate the effect with a successful Will Save. (DC: 10 + Frostbite Warknight level + Frostbite Warknight's CON modifier). Should a character fail the initial save, they may take a full round action to break free of the effect with a successful Will Save of the same DC. If the target passes this will save, they are immune to the effects of Icy Mind for 5 minutes.

Frost Resistance (Ex): The Frostbite Warknight becomes so infused with ice that her body becomes slightly resistant to cold temperatures. She gains Cold Resistance 10 at level 1,increasesing to Cold Resistance 20 at level 3.

Extreme Focus (Ex): The Frostbite Warknight becomes an icon of focus and concentration at 3rd level. Once per round, she may roll a concentration check in place of a Will save.

Frost Immunity (Ex): A 5th level Frostbite Warknight becomes so accustomed to freezing temperatures that her body no longer recognizes them. She gains Cold Immunity.

Frostmind (Su): At level 5, the Frostbite Warknight becomes dedicated to taking the damage away from her allies. Any character who succeeds on the Will save to avoid Icy Mind still takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls to attack any foe other than the Frostbite Warknight.

Aura of Ice (Su): A 6th level Frostbite Warknight can turn the the ground around her to icy rubble. As a free action, she may activate a 10ft radius aura that turns the ground around her to difficult terrain. This icy rubble is non-natural, and thus a ranger's woodland stride cannot overcome it.

Frostbite Mist (Su): A 7th level Frostbite Warknight can generate an icy mist around her that can partially conceal those she protects. Any time the Frostbite Warknight stands between an enemy and an ally, the ally is granted a 50% miss chance to ranged attacks by the aura.

Dire Frostbite (Su): A level 7 Frostbite Warknight's Icy Mind attack can ravage a foe's coordination. Whenever a target is subject to a Frostbite Warknight's Icy Mind attack, if they fail the save, they take 1 point of dexterity damage.

Spell Resistance (Ex): The magic that courses through the icy veins of a level 8 Frostbite Warknight allows her to develop a minor amount of resistance to it. She gains Spell Resistance equal to 10 + effective character BAB + Frostbite Warknight's CON modifier. The Frostbite Warknight may substitute this for power resistance of an equal amount, at the discretion of the DM.

Woundfreeze (Su): A Frostbite Warknight's flesh may begin to heal bleeding wounds when she is exposed to ice at 9th level. The Frostbite Warknight heals damage whenever she is hit by a cold attack equal to the amount of damage that would have been dealt. (Example: a level 9 Frostbite Warknight is hit by a ray of frost. The Frostbite Warknight heals 1d3 damage.)

Living Iceberg (Su): At 10th level, the Frostbite Warknight becomes a monolithic glacier. She becomes a size category larger than she was before (and thus gains all the benefits of being a size category larger), and gains +1 natural armor, and a +1 to attack rolls. In addition, she becomes immune to ability damage, and gains the effects of uncanny dodge. Should the Frostbite Warknight remove her armor, she reverts to her previous size, and all effects of this ability are negated.

The Epic Frostbite Warknight[edit]

Table: The Epic Frostbite Warknight
Level Special
11th Concentration Bonus +2
12th Ice Armor Enchantment
13th Concentration Bonus +4
14th Ice Armor Enchantment
15th Concentration Bonus +6

Class Features[edit]

Concentration Bonus: At levels 11, 13, and 15, the Frostbite Warknight gets a bonus on all concentration rolls.

Ice Armor Enchantment At levels 12 and 14, the Frostbite Warknight may gain an enchantment on her Ice Plate armor. She must pay half the base price for said enchantment, and 1/25 of that in XP.

Ex-Frostbite Warknight[edit]

The Frostbite Warknight can only loose her powers if she looses her Constitution score; such as if she becomes undead. Should her Constitution score be restored, so to are the Frostknight powers.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Frostbite Warknight[edit]

Combat: Frostbite Warknights are tanks; damage absorbers and distractions from party members who focus on dealing damage as opposed to the Frostbite Warknight, who takes it.

Advancement: Frostbite Warknights are normally continuing in the ranks of fighters, knights, and crusaders, or former paladins. Clerics and psychic warriors can become feared Frostbite Warknights, using the icy armor to augment their ability to take vast amounts of damage away from their comrades.

Resources: Frostbite Warknights can come under scrutiny due to their icy armor, but they can expect a reasonable amount of respect from others when it contracts into their skin. They make great partners with Flame Crusaders.

Frostbite Warknights in the World[edit]

"Is it cold in here, or is it just me?" -Odin Frostbeard, Dwarven Frostbite Warknight.

Frostbite Warknights are typically wanderers on icy tundras, for obvious reasons. They are rather rare, and generally few and far between, as not many can survive the hour long freezing.

NPC Reactions: Frostbite Warknights typically live in colder areas of the world, and those who live around them are slightly wary of them. Nonetheless, they value having a protector among them.

Frostbite Warknights Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Geography) can research Frostbite Warknights to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (Geography)
DC Result
11 Frostbite Warknights wear armor made of ice.
16 A powerful Frostbite Warknight can turn into a statue of ice.
21 Though rare, some Frostbite Warknights become larger than they were before.
26 Odin Frostbeard is the most well known Frostbite Warknight. He jovially interacts with other soldiers, and is decent and good at persuading others.

Frostbite Warknights in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: Frostbite Warknights can be adapted as tanks, sent in to take the damage for their fellow warriors.

Sample Encounter: Odin Frostbeard, Dwarven Frostbite Warknight

Level 11 (Knight 6, Frostbite Warknight 5)

AC 31 (+2 Ice Plate, +1 Heavy Shield) HP:220 Touch: 12, Flat foot: 28 BAB +11/+6/+1, Grapple +13 DR 2/-

Strength 15 Dexterity 14 Constitution 23 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 12 Charisma 21

Fort +13 Ref +5 Will +7

Masterwork Dwarven War Axe +14 melee 1d10 +2 x3 crit


Knight's Code, Knight's Challenge 8/day, -Fighting Challenge +1, -Test of Mettle, Bulwark of Defense, Shield Block, Vigilant Defender, Shield Ally, Icemind (DC: 21), Immune to Frost, Frostmind,


Mounted Combat, Great Fortitude, Shield Specialization, Combat Expertise, Active Shield Defense, AxeShield,


Concentration +20 Knowledge (Geography) +15 Sense Motive +15

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