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Hello. I am Sylvari__Mesmer and I love D&D as you can probably tell. I mean why else would I be here? Why else would anybody be here?


All of the things I have created.

Slimes (5e Race) Slime beings that originate from slime rancher slimes. I semi-created this one. It was my first ever thing I "created". I copied and pasted some of the stuff from the race, Slimelings. So I give credit to the creator of them.

Trap (5e Equipment) This is basically a bear trap I made. Ref3rence edited it though.

Buzzsaw (5e Equipment) A Buzzsaw that uses the Charging Kit to function.

Charging Kit (5e Equipment) To charge your modern/future weapons

Claws (5e Equipment) Slash & Dash

Mace Armadillo (5e Race) Become a armadillo and a mace

Shape (5e Race) Shapes from Just Shapes and Beats' Paradise


All the things I have edited.

The Last Prism (Magic Item). The Last Prism from Terraria.

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