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Merit Badge[edit]

These are merit badges available for selection from the Scout class abilities. Merit badges may be combat feats, skill feats, or sphere-equivalents. If the merit badge is a feat, the Scout gains the benefit of that feat. A scout who has chosen a sphere-equivalent merit badge is able to use all of the abilities within that badge up to his character level. If he gains more levels, more powers of the badge become available. A Scout only has basic access to the badge unless he chooses to delve further into that sphere after gaining a rank.

Animal Study[edit]


Special: The Scout gains a bonus equal to his class level on checks to detect secret doors and traps.

Level - Benefits


The Scout gains the benefits of the combat feat of his choice: Point Blank Shot, Sniper, or Zen Archery. He also becomes proficient with longbows, composite shortbows, and composite longbows.


The Scout gains the Lightning Reflexes combat feat.


Level - Benefits


Duct Tape[edit]

The Scout gains a bonus equal to his class level plus two on checks to craft. They also gain the spell Mend as a feat.


Special: The Scout gains electric resistance equal to 10 + his class level.

Level - Benefits

Emergency Preparedness[edit]

The Scout gains the Danger Sense combat feat.


The Scout gains Appraise as a class skill. Furthermore, he gains the Acquirer's Eye skill feat.

Fire Safety[edit]

Special: The Scout gains fire resistance equal to 10 plus his class level.

Level - Benefits

First Aid[edit]

Special: The Scout gains lay on hands as a class feature. This ability is dependent on the Scout's Wisdom rather than his Charisma.

Level - Benefits


Special: You gain the tremorsense ability, allowing you to detect and target anything touching the ground within 60 feet of yourself.

Level - Benefits



The Scout adds Ride to his class skill list. He also gains the Mounted Combat skill feat.

Insect Study[edit]


Special: The Scout's weapon are lawfully-aligned for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Level - Benefits

*Cast as a law spell only.*

Mammal Study[edit]

The Scout gains the Animal Affinity skill feat.


Personal Fitness[edit]

The Scout gains the Great Fortitude combat feat.


The Scout gains the Legendary Wrangler skill feat.

Public Speaking[edit]

The Scout gains the Persuasive skill feat.


The Scout adds Decipher Script to his class skills and gains the Cryptographer skill feat.


The Scout gains the Swim Like a Fish skill feat.


The Scout gains one of the following skill feats: Con Artist, Dreadful Demeanor, Many-Faced. Which ever skill feat he chooses, the corresponding skill becomes a class skill for him.


Special ~

Level - Benefits

Wilderness Survival[edit]

The Scout gains the Track skill feat.


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