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About Me[edit]

I'm a D&D fanatic, obviously. I also program video games and do animations in my free time. I love 70s and 80s music. I listen to a lot of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, BeeGees, and random 70s and 80s rock.


I like my homebrew items to stay within the limits of Medieval technology and the magic in the SRD (including independent research for magic).

-Pyramid of Gambling (3.5e Equipment)
-Ring of Theme Songs (DnD Equipment)
-Spell Fuse Chalk (3.5e Equipment)
-Transmuter's Gloves (DnD Equipment)
-Summoning Statuette (DnD Equipment)
-Path of Control, Ki'seichuu (DnD Monk Fighting Style)
-Path of Discipline, Choubatsu (DnD Monk Fighting Style)
-Path of Equality, Tsuriai (DnD Monk Fighting Style)
-Path of Precision, Suraisu (DnD Monk Fighting Style)
-Path of Ultimatum, Mitzusaka Style (DnD Monk Fighting Style)
-Diseased Water (3.5e Equipment)
-Syringe Dagger (DnD Equipment)

Upcoming Contributions[edit]

Magic Items[edit]

-True Bastard Sword
-Spell shard


-Cliché Town
-Bound by Blood



-Steam Cloud
-Manifest Spirit Weapon
-Energy Waves
-Hat Trick
-The Blood Spells

Campaign Settings[edit]

-Eight Guilds


-Ray Bender


-The Collosi/the Paragon Twelve

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