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Spell Fuse Chalk is a special alchemical substance commonly used by spell casters to prepare a battlefield. This chalk allows you to draw on the ground and create a fuse for magical energies. Instead of casting the spell directly from you, you can cast the spell through the chalk dust and activate the spell at the end of the line. It can be used with a DC 10 spellcraft check. It takes ten minutes to fill a 10 ft x 10 ft square, and takes equal amount of time to draw a 100 ft. line. The chalk can be used for a 10 ft square or up to 100 ft. of lines. There is no wait time, the spell reaches the selected area in the same action as casting.

A touch attack spell or spell like ability used with the chalk automatically strikes any desired creature or creatures in contact with an unbroken line or square. You may cast a spell you do not have a line of sight to, so long as there is a line of chalk leading from you to the desired location.

Spending one full round action rubbing on the chalk will break a connections of the chalk, up to a 5x5 ft square. By using a flask of water, acid or any other settling liquid, as a standard action will clear up to a 5x5 ft square.

Craft (alchemy) DC 20. Price 50 gp.

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