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Diseased Water[edit]

A new innovation in the thieving world is the vial of diseased water. This tainted water is very useful to the rogue or assassin who is constantly in need of effective poisons. The effects of the disease kick in immediately. Therefore, a Shakes version of the water will immediately send a creature who failed their Fortitude save into a seizure. Diseased water is usually used in conjunction with the syringe dagger in order to inject the water into victims.

An alternative to crafting the water is to use the Contagion spell in order to taint the water. This can only be done after special research of Contagion which costs 2,000 gp.

The DC of the Fortitude save is 13 + Special Ability Score bonus of the creator (Int for Wizards, Cha for Sorcerers, Wis for Clerics and Druids).

Craft DC 25. Market Price: 750 gp.

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