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What up what up[edit]

Its about time I revamp this page.

Drew here, avid gamer, long time DnD player now. I ahve played extensivly 3,5m experienced the tragedy that was 4, and have just begun delving into this glory of a piece of work that is 5e.
I play world of warcraft, league of legends, heroes of the storm, and a ton of other games with my friends and fellow team members, Give No Effs. We stream on twitch, and have a good time.

I have contributed a couple thigns to the community back in the day. I was young, I was foolish, I created things I saw on TV, and in games, and often the were unflavorful and overtuned. The one exception I note is Alchemist, which was a theoretical class a friend of mine thoguh up "craft item to use in combat" similar to an archivist. Origionally not meant to be a caster, the great community here rebalanced the class by turning spells into consumable and throwable potions.



My only weakness[edit]

Grammer issues while typeing. I dont fool around, when i want it done, it gets done, the only problem is i speed type and i forget to do capitolization, puntuation, etc.

So, if you can, look through my contributions and please maybe do some editing...

What i have contributed[edit]





I am available to help[edit]

If anyone needs help editing a page, or posting an idea, feel free to ask me, i think everyone with an idea should be able to voice it. Just pop in and post it on my talk page, or throw me an email

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