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Lycan Form Mastery [General][edit]

Mastery of Lycan change.
Prerequisite: Lycanthropy or a Lycan Spawn
Benefit: With this feat lycan spawn now gains a greater mastery of their shape shifting ability. They now have an extended ability to expand on the control shape skill. The skill Control shape is now a more useful skill for all lycanthropy. They can use this skill to aid them with shape shifting acts they would not be able to do other wise. The key ability is to quicken their shape shifting ability; this does stack with other abilities that reduce your shape shifting ability. So if it is already reduced to a move action then it is considered "part" of the move action at the same Difficulty Check. All of the following effects act as 1/day plus an additional use per day per 3 hit die obtained. When applicable, all effects lasts your constitution modifier in rounds. When a higher DC is made the duration is extended by +1 round per 10 DC met over actual DC, Example: Shape shifting claws from your animal form to your hybrid form has a DC of 20, a DC of 37 is made, this is a DC 17 over DC 20, so the duration is automatically extended by an additional +1 more round.
  • Quicken Shape Shifting ability to only one full round action DC 15
  • Shape Shifting the claws from your animal to you hybrid form DC 20
  • Shape Shifting the bite from your animal form DC 25
  • Increasing your speed of your Hybrid form by +5ft (Your animal form must be faster than your hybrid form) DC 25
  • Inflicted taking on the hybrid form even though they failed their involuntary transformation DC 10; minimum of 1 round with DC 10.

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