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These are the Rovino, the rabbit people. They lack common as a language because they live in the woods, and rarely leave to converse with non-elves. They are mainly Druid or Cleric oriented.


Rovino are 5' 6" - 6' 6" and weigh between 100-125lbs., with women slightly taller and men slightly heavier. They have medium length fur covering their bodies varying in color from off-white to dark chestnut brown. their faces are quite humanlike, but with large rabbit ears on top. they have large, rabbit feet for jumping, and small, fluffy tails. the reach adulthood at 40 and can live over 500yrs. They sleep by trancing as Elves do, and need just 4 hours of this trancing for a full nights rest.


Rovino are wise, and are quite friendly with the elves. They are pious and reverent of nature. they dislike the more physical races, for they believe they will get nowhere with just brute strength. they have excellent logic and are often the battle stategists of their group.


Their society is Matriarchal, and the men are usually the warriors and crusaders, while the women are the clerics and druids. Their villages are small and are often near elven villages. These villages are centered around a shrine to Obad-hai and Ehlonna, and they meditate around it at noontime. They also may worhip Pelor as a more minor God, for they believe in the Sun as the world's nourishing source. Rovino that leave the village are either on pilgrimages or were exiled, and those are usually the evil ones.


Sylvan and Elven. Bonus languages:Common, celestial, abyssal, draconic, goblin


Usually good

Racial Traits

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