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In ancient temples hidden deep within swamplands long forgotten by most beings, this is where the Dricons live. The Dricons are a race of crocodilian humanoids. They have existed since long before humans had write history. Dricons have lived in the swamplands of Rotlogbog since they started to keep historical logs. They are well versed in combat as well as survival, living in swamps that are home to deadly creatures such as Black Dragons and Swamp Landworms have helped the Dricons develop heightened survival instincts. They have held many wars with creatures such as Troglodytes and werefolk, these wars lasted any where from a few months to a century. The first Dricon was encountered by an Elf and Dwarf who were traveling the Rotlogbog to find new trade route, who were under attack by a hunting team of troglodytes. While trying to defend themselves, the vastly outnumbered pair were stuck serious blows and fell. Just as the troglodytes were about to finish them off, what appeared to be a man sized crocodile jumped into the fray. The Dricon slew four of the troglodytes within seconds causing the rest of the group to flee into the marsh, but not before the Dricon was able to spear a few of them from a range, but with great difficulty. The elf and dwarf tried to thank the Dricon, but the Dricon didn’t seem to understand and could only speak with hisses and growls. The Dricon brought them back to his village where they were treated with cautious hospitality. In return for their care the Elf taught them to speak the language of his people and the dwarf trained them to use and make axes and gave his War axe to the Dricon who saved them. The two adventures returned many times to the Dricon village, which made strong bonds between the Dricons and the Elven and Dwarven people, which in turn brought other races and trade to the Dricons. Now Dricons can occasionally be found in other areas across the land.


Dricons are 5'-7' tall and weigh between 200-275lbs. for both genders. The have long, crocodilian faces with large eyes to the sides of their head. Their eyes range from yellow to green, they have sharp teeth, and a broad tail. They are covered with tough scales, ranging in color from dark green to brown, but dark orange and even black have been seen. They have short, sharp claws that are useless for fighting, but are great for climbing. They reach adulthood at 20 and can live over 200yrs.


Dricons are gruff and untrusting of modernism, preferring simplicity and natural things. They get along best with elves for their shared reverence of nature and dwarfs who share their love of axes. They are stern and solemn, so they find the childish, tricky natures of Gnomes and Halflings distasteful.


Dricon clerics vary between law and chaos, while their warriors enjoy the freedom of chaos. They all, however, remain neutral in Good vs. Evil.


Automatic Reptilian and Elven.

Bonus Draconic, goblin, dwarven, sylvan, common, undercommon. Reptilian has no written word, and consists of deep, guttural hisses, which is difficult for non-lizard people to learn. Their priest books are written in celestial and abyssal, which they can read but not speak and common is used when they travel to the human lands as mercenaries and missionaries. Elven is spoken to the elves in the neighboring forests and dwarven is spoken to dwarven traders and adventures.


Dricons names are of course in Reptilian, but are often changed into common. Names reflect appearance and personality, ex. Sharpeye, Bronzescale, etc. They also get a clan name, ex. Twigsnapper, Bonecrusher.


Dricons live in clans of 10-50 members in small houses built in the swamps, usually near old forgotten temples. The most commonly worshipped deity is Driconis, their creator, but some also worship Corellon Larethian with their elven neighbors.

Racial Traits

  • +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Dricons are strong and hardy but are not as intelligent as others due to their animalistic heritage and, due to their animalistic heritage, most commoners find them ugly.
  • 30ft base speed, Swim speed of 20ft
  • Lowlight Vision
  • Cold blooded
- In cold environments DC20 fort save of considered fatigued while there and one hour afterward. Double damage from cold sources, and swim speed in cold water is halved. If out in a cold environment with out protection for more than a few hours, a Dricon must make a DC 17 fortitude save or lose 5 health every 5 minutes, unless he finds shelter.
  • Natural Attacks
- 1 tail 1d8 and 1 bite 1d8, neither of which cause an attack of opportunity (Dricons have incredible strength in their jaws and tails that they can crush most objects with ease giving a +2 on strength checks to break things with their mouths or tails).

· Skill Bonuses: +2 intimidate, climb, spot, and search, -2 diplomacy, gather information and handle animal checks

  • +2 to survival in swampy condition
  • +3 natural armor bonus (scales)
  • Unusual humanoid
- armor costs 1.25 normal price and captured armor refitted at 1d4 per point of armor bonus x 10g
  • -2 to all ranged attacks, this doubles for every range increment after their max, position of eyes causes problem with depth perception.
  • +2 to saves against poison, disease, and energy drain
  • Favored Class: Barbarian and Fighter
  • Level Adjustment: +1

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