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About Me[edit]

hello there to anyone reading this my name is Alucard and before you ask yes it is Dracula spelled(get it) backwards a little bit about me is that i fell in love with D&D my freshman year of highschool and it is all i ever loved since then.But dont get me wrong i also love anime and manga and video games of all kinds except two world's.being on the wiki is fun it has lots of good users and helpful Admin.

My Classes[edit]

My first Class was the Dominion Overlord I made it because i wanted a character to be more than just some one who is powerful but with a drive to become master of all things. typically its a 1st party class but a small group can be cool.

The Vampyre is my second class i made its a bit of a combination of Alucard from Hellsing and Dracula from Castlevania with a little bit of the vampire lord from Skyrim. It was mostly about do you want to kill or protect the innocents and basically being a full fledged vampire in D&D, I would say its quite powerful so double check with your DM to play this class.

The Vampyre, Variant is more like being a vampire but more of that physical power that Dracula has its not finished yet but will be done soon.

The Inferno is basically about being a very strong sorcerer who wields the flames that will melt anything and turn forest to ashes.

The Nano Spider was a lot of fun there was a class called the spider monk but its not on here now so i made a nano spider your basically spider man with a ton of nano energy this class may not fit into a traditional D&D setting so talk to your dm before using it.

The Predator is basically have all the ability of a predator the stealth the strength the hunting all in one.

The Class im currently working on is the Shinobi i looked for a ninja based class but most where incomplete so this is one to include the awesomeness of a ninja.

My races[edit]

I have only made the one race its the Yautja its meant to be the race for the predator class and is super strong.

My Worlds[edit]

Vanchilia is my first world i basally took the Orizon and made it my own just making it into a different setting.that way it was easier for me to make a setting and its more of a world than a setting.

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