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About Me[edit]

Hello all you read this my name is Alucard a user on the D&D Wiki or Minmax Flaming Gaming on my other platforms according to my knowledge i first started D&D my freshman year of high school after my first game I was hooked and regretted never hearing about it before in 2017 of October I believe, I joined the wiki because my DM said choose a character for a high level campaign so I did and ever since I have enjoyed making articles and helping users on this wiki.

My hobbies include all things nerdy and I more of social person as well as an active person I like meeting new people especially when our interest are the same also if you have questions feel free to ask me or any of the many helpful admin.

Some small words of wisdom:DO NOT do what I did when I first joined I was overly excited and wanted to all my ideas on the wiki but that’s definitely easier said than done I remember making a class based of a fictional character and lo and behold I failed I received much criticism but it was good for me a admin showed me how to use the coding as well as reviewed my works to keep me on the right track, it’s not bad however to be exited about making your first article just be sure to read the help section of the wiki something I did not do, also be patient and don’t be afraid to ask for help all the articles on the wiki are unique and have been cared for a long time and don’t get discouraged that your first class,spell,magical item is not as powerful as you wanted just know that there are people on the wiki that want to have fun and express themselves so go forth and make mistakes and create.

My Primary Contributions

The first class I was excited to make was the Dominion Overlord I wanted it to be unstoppable class capable of destroying everything thing in its wake but alas that isn’t how the Wiki works it’s just about playable now and super fun to mess around with.

The Vampyre is my second class I thought that the SRD version of the vampire was a bit lacking so I came up with this a perfect combination of power and lore.

The Vampyre Knight the Vampyre 2.0 a creature who has the been given powers by ancient vampyres of old and capable of destructive blood magic.

The Inferno the ones who wield flames unlike any other most flames are easily extinguished with a mere douse of water but not these flames, these flames are more than just magical capable of doing more than just burn things.

The Nano Spider was a lot of fun there was a class called the spider monk but its not on here now so i made a nano spider your basically spider man with a ton of nano energy this class may not fit into a traditional D&D setting so talk to your dm before using it.

The Predator is basically have all the ability of a predator the stealth the strength the hunting all in one.

The Class im currently working on is the Shinobi in the Shinobi skill set includes espionage’s,master flanking,striking with critical blows and of course stealth.

The Demon King from being a lowly imp and rising above the ranks to becoming a very powerful devil.

My races[edit]

I have only made the one race its the Yautja its meant to be the race for the predator class and is super strong.

My Worlds[edit]

Vanchilia is my first world i basally took the Orizon and made it my own just making it into a different setting.that way it was easier for me to make a setting and its more of a world than a setting.

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