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In many ways, a character’s race provides a foundation for defining his place in the game world. Whether elf or dwarf, half-orc or half-dragon, a character’s race is the cornerstone upon which the character crafts an identity.

The races in the d20 System provide a variety of interesting roles. Add in the options presented in the creatures section of the System Reference Document or various campaign settings, and the variety becomes impressive indeed. But what if that variety isn’t enough?

That’s where this chapter comes in. The four variant systems presented here throw open the doors of racial options. You can play a troll-blooded human or a jungle-born halfling, a fire-touched elf or a paragon of dwarvenkind. These variants can be used individually or alongside one another, depending on the whims of the DM.

So dig in! you may never look at gnomes the same way again. . . .

Environmental Racial Variants
Elemental Racial Variants
Reducing Level Adjustments
Racial Paragon Classes

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