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Jungle Races

A vast equatorial jungle, where tiny trading posts hacked from the vegetation dot riversides, giant vines and tree roots conceal cities of forgotten societies, and races that predate human civilization struggle to maintain their ancient traditions, makes a compelling setting for a campaign.

Players wanting their characters to be nonhuman jungle dwellers can build characters using these variants, or their characters could encounter these races while journeying through the green labyrinth of the jungle.

The following cultural attributes are common to most jungle-dwelling races.

Personality: Jungle races tend to be very territorial, and they guard their families and clans closely. They are not quick to trust strangers, but they form strong bonds with outsiders who do manage to earn their trust.

Physical Description: A jungle dweller looks very much like a member of her standard race. Typically, only a jungle creature’s rough, hide-sewn clothing and unkempt appearance mark her as unusual.

Relations: Members of the jungle races are very territorial, so they interact with other creatures only when absolutely necessary. They often maintain good trading relations with other wild races, but they rarely trade with civilized cultures except through intermediaries such as local druids or rangers.

Alignment: Jungle races are often more chaotic than members of their standard races, rejecting the typical strictures of civilized society. However, their loyalty to family is high.

Lands: Jungle races avoid heavily populated areas, settling in remote areas of the wilderness.

Religion: Members of the jungle races tend to be more superstitious than religious. Most rely on religious leaders (some of whom are actually adepts of great power) to give them spiritual guidance. Individuals may pray to aspects of animal and nature deities, but only rarely does one of them achieve true communion with such a deity.

Adventurers: Jungle dwellers may set out into the world for a variety of reasons. They may need the help of a group of civilized folk to avert a prophesied disaster, or they might be asked by tribal elders to retrieve an artifact from an ancient burial site to protect them from a coming conflict. Often, such a quest is only the beginning of a jungle creature’s adventuring career. She may be lured away from her people by the wonders of civilized society, or she may form a bond with outsiders who will never be welcome in her tribal lands.

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