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Creating Other Bloodlines

The bloodlines described here are by no means a comprehensive list of all possible permutations. You might choose to create bloodlines of creatures not included here, to create more specialized celestial, demon, or devil bloodlines, or even to create more potent versions of the bloodlines here for use in your game.

Table: Bloodline Trait Distribution gives you the basic framework for bloodline traits. Over the course of twenty levels, a major bloodline boosts four skills (giving each a +2 bonus) and three ability scores (increasing each by 1). It grants a bloodline affinity at three stages (+2, +4, and +6) and provides ten special abilities. Intermediate bloodlines grant the first ten traits, spread out over twenty levels. Minor bloodlines grant the first five traits.

When creating a new bloodline, use those described above as guidelines for appropriate special abilities.

Table: Bloodline Trait Distribution
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Skill boost 1
2nd Skill boost 1 Special 1
3rd Ability boost 1
4th Skill boost 1 Special 1 Special 2
5th Affinity +2
6th Ability boost 1 Special 3
7th Skill boost 2
8th Special 1 Special 2 Special 4
9th Ability boost 2
10th Affinity +2 Special 5
11th Affinity +4
12th Ability boost 1 Special 3 Special 6
13th Skill boost 3
14th Skill boost 2 Special 7
15th Ability 3
16th Special 2 Special 4 Special 8
17th Affinity +6
18th Ability boost 2 Special 9
19th Skill boost 4
20th Affinity +2 Special 5 Special 10

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