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Random Bloodline Determination

Bloodlines are best included as part of a character with both the DM and player working together to select an appropriate bloodline for the PC. However, if you want to generate a PC’s bloodline randomly, use the following tables as a guide.

First, roll d% and consult Table: Bloodline Strength to determine the bloodline’s strength. Then roll d% on Table: Minor Bloodlines, Table: Intermediate Bloodlines, or Table: Major Bloodlines to determine the source.

Table: Bloodline Strength
d% Strength
01–55 Minor
56–85 Intermediate
86–100 Major
Table: Minor Bloodlines
d% Bloodline Source
01–05 Celestial
06–10 Demon
11–15 Devil
16–19 Doppelganger
20 Dragon, black
21 Dragon, blue
22–23 Dragon, brass
24–25 Dragon, bronze
26–27 Dragon, copper
28–29 Dragon, gold
30 Dragon, green
31–32 Dragon, red
33–35 Dragon, silver
36 Dragon, white
37–40 Elemental, air
41–44 Elemental, earth
45–48 Elemental, fire
49–52 Elemental, water
53–57 Fey
58–60 Genie, djinni
61–62 Genie, efreeti
63–65 Genie, jann
66–67 Giant, cloud
68–69 Giant, fire
70–71 Giant, frost
72–74 Giant, hill
75–76 Giant, stone
77–78 Giant, storm
79–80 Hag
81–85 Lycanthrope
86 Minotaur
87–89 Ogre
90 Titan
91 Troll
92–94 Vampire
95–100 Reroll
Table: Intermediate Bloodlines
d% Bloodline Source
01–05 Celestial
06–10 Demon
11–15 Devil
16–17 Dragon, black
18–19 Dragon, blue
20–21 Dragon, brass
22–23 Dragon, bronze
24–25 Dragon, copper
26–28 Dragon, gold
29–30 Dragon, green
31–33 Dragon, red
34–37 Dragon, silver
38–39 Dragon, white
40–44 Elemental, air
45–49 Elemental, earth
50–54 Elemental, fire
55–59 Elemental, water
60–65 Fey
66–69 Genie, djinni
70–72 Genie, efreeti
73–75 Giant, cloud
76–78 Giant, fire
79–81 Giant, frost
82–84 Giant, stone
85–87 Giant, storm
88 Ogre
89–90 Titan
91–92 Troll
93–96 Vampire
97–100 Reroll
Table: Major Bloodlines
d% Bloodline Source
01–11 Celestial
12–22 Demon
23–33 Devil
34–40 Dragon, gold
41–47 Dragon, red
48–57 Dragon, silver
58–67 Fey
68–76 Genie, djinni
77–83 Genie, efreeti
84–90 Giant, storm
91–95 Titan
96–100 Vampire

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