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The Southern Continent of Vaniya[edit]

This is a personal project to create a believable D&D sandbox within a slightly edited Continent of Vaniya as originally created by Ramah on the Cartographer's Guild / Ramah-Palmer on Deviantart. It has grown through play with about 5 different groups over the last few years, and my own haphazard documentaion


For the sake of simplicity I use the basic planar model described in the PHB for 3.5e D&D, and have not yet taken any players to any of them, although there are locations within the setting where planar interactions create natural phenomena, such as the area around Maloglash in the east, or the lake known as 'the Mite' in the southwest


I have picked and chosn from the wikipedia 'list of Dungeons and Dragons Deities' as and when they were needed, and should you require a particular god to fill a niche, feel free to use that or make one.

The notable Deities for each Country or organisation can be found here Entity Organizations (TLKoA Setting).


Maps I have made or 'harvested' from the web and repurposed to particular cities or areas can be found here: Cartography (TLKoA Setting). Since my original intrest in Vaniya came from appreciation of the map, I am a big fan of maps. Unfortunatley most of the maps I make are pencil on paper, and my handwriting is terrible, thus they are hard to digitise.


I will just say as a preamble, I may have messed this up. Given that this is the southern continent, and the Ruhks are refered to as a Jungle, temperatures should increase from south to north. As an inhabitant of the UK myself, I didn't realise this and unwittingly made the north colder. Even if I hadn't though, I would still be making mistakes, so I guess it's better for me that way. Thus, in my version, the Ruhks are ancient pines, Northerond is cold, and the Dorasi plains are scrub desert. The seas to the south are mediterranean.

For detailed geography in the setting refer to Geography (TLKoA Setting).

Regions and Relations[edit]

My first document drafting the areas of Vaniya and their relationships can be found here in its raw form. I endeavour to come back and retouch this at some point. Regions (TLKoA Setting)
Also, another data dump (all the cities)


Basic timeline:
Golden Age of the Mandrai
Arrival of Firstmen
The Eastern Push
Elven Opposition
Duke Rule

For detailed history in the setting refer to History (TLKoA Setting).

People Past and Present[edit]

Legendary figures, plot hook NPCs, past characters, Setting specific groups or organisations. Some crossover with the history and regions sections, since much of the premise of a nation's culture may be founded on a particular legend, and, for the obvious reason that all these events must fit into the timeline somehow. People (TLKoA Setting)

For DMs[edit]

For detailed DM information in the setting refer to For DMs (TLKoA Setting).

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