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Timeline of Events (WIP)[edit]

Warning- contains player dates and proposed event timelines conditional at this point

-200 : Golden age of Mandrai – rule from the Ruhks to the coasts of Perdon.
KE begins
'KE = King Era
0KE : Menfolk arrive on Grey coast in late Mandrai Decadence. See no locals. Establish foothold

100s : First confrontations with local Mandrai militia defending estates (only proper military left)
264 : Vosstern Settled (pop 380)
300s : Independent Human nations develop. Aronborians committed to eradicating Mandrai (whose society breaks down)
325 : Construction of Colden wall started (first stone has date engraved)
341 : Vosstern chosen as capital (pop 1320)
367 : The great Eastward march - armies from (now) Doras and Rydony work together for the last time to drive the last Drow in the east back to the sea
381 : Battle of Maloglash; magical catastrophe serves to further divide fractious leaders of the temporary alliance
389 : Refugees and returning soldiery grow Vosstern to near 7000
400s : Doras and Rydony grow apart, Mirkesh, Perdon, Romara are buffer zone.
500s : First Orcs, Heartland becomes major power. Completely split and commit to controlling into Rinon Peninsula

600s : Heartland occupies previously neutral territory of Romara, Elven Arrival.
645 : Elves arrive, decimate early human forays into Rinon.
670 : Battle of Carnage hill (and truce of the same name) between Doras and Inderinon.

700s : Humans in Ambvirria begin trading further afield – Halflings immigrate and settle in the Iosian Peninsula

800s : Last King of Aronbor leaves seeking help from lands in the West – savage Mandrai, contained behind Colden wall are becoming problem. Raids etc.
DR begins.
'DR = Duke Rule
16 : (Rurik born)
23 : Mandrai attack Dwarven settlements in the Mandlin Mtns, using speed and stealth to surprise defenders.
40 : Ambvirria subdues closer allies, without reckoning for Mordland's problems
46: Most Dwarves have left. Those that remain are dug in and much more difficult to destroy.
69 : (Sedna born)
77 : Archduke Nesilo appointed in Aronbor aged 42
79 : Slave Riots in Rydony
87 : coronation of Prince Aleine and marriage to Sedna (then Lady Sedna)
92 : Marth Unabrink made General in Ambvirria
95 : Rurik settles Dwarves and Duergar in the Kerns
96 : Ambvirrian king assasinated. Marth made regent with chief priest's blessing
99 : Marth assasinated. Rumoured affairs with Empress Sedna
159 : Lady Sedna Dies

Details of Significant events[edit]

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