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Deities I have 'used'[edit]

Republic of Doras - Religiously accepting, major Deity is Pelor (sun, good, healing). Vecna and Ioun are worshipped in colleges.
Rydonian Confederacy - No public Religion, Mouquol(trade) and Olidammara(tricks/parties) are widely venerated
Grey Watch of Aronbor - Many homes have shrines to Kord(strength) or to Pelor. Some northern peoples worship brave ancestors
The Ruhks - The Mandrai fanatics of the Ruhks follow Lolth(darkness, poison), the spider goddess, although Half breeds on the western coast may follow Eliastree(good drow) or Khalreshaar(half elves)
Orcish Tribes of Northerond - Hold no stock with those who believe in gods, and claim to make their own luck through strength. Because of this, Orcish Clerics are almost never found.
Subjugated State of Romara - Dorasi occupiers bring their own worship with them, but among the tribes; in the East, up to the Iosian border, the seasons were worshipped as Deities, roughly personified, and in the West, centralised around the Sundered Peaks, Tribes were Dragon Cultists, worshipping Bahamut(dragons) or the dragons living in the peaks.
Iosian Peninsula - Iosian Halflings worship the traditional Halfling Pantheon, which can be found here
Mirkesh - Travellers who settle here bring their own religions with them
Perdon - As a rule, the north follows Rydonian Religion, and the South Dorasi. the Order of the Circle follow no gods, rather, they study them, as they would anything else.
Imperium of Ambvrria - Worship the Duality of Elishar(light/positive) and Toldoth(dark/negative), as the only gods. The priesthood in Ambvrria has huge influence, but sends no missions.
Inderinon - Worship the traditional Elven Pantheon found here, but place particular significance on Vandria Gilmadrith(war/justice)
Kingdom of Mordland - Not enough money or concern for citizens to have a state religion. Isolated farmers worship Earth mother / Sky father
Barony of Idrez - Modest shrines found in most places, e.g. to Fharlanghn(travel) on roads, Pelor in towns etc.
Free Island States (Maradan) - Each group brings its own religions and traditions. There hasn't been any trouble yet. Non rebel affiliated groups in the archipalego usually worship either Ehlonna(nature, good) or Obad-Hai(nature, neutral) and hate the other

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