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People Past and Present[edit]

Legends and past figures (often multiple versions)

Prominent NPCs (kings, commanders, archmages, relevant to modules)

Prince Aleine of Doras - Later King Aleine the weak
best picture I had at the time
Aleine was the reluctant heir to the throne of Doras, he preferred hunts and the honour of combat, and didn't make decisions with the same long term view as his brother. So when he pledged his love to Sedna, a minor noble, unarranged and completely useless politically (the Wolfswift family were no longer recognised in Idrez), everyone feared it woud be a disaster. As far as choices go, it could have been much worse. Sedna had an aptitude for the role, and as an 'adviser', practically ran the country in his stead.

Royal family of Doras - Too complicated to put all in this page, includes Sedna and Aleine. Dorasi Royal Family (TLKoA Setting)

Past PCs (could sometimes fit in the other sections, need the disclaimer mostly because cringe)

Lady Sedna Wolfswift - Later Empress Sedna of Doras, Sedna was the most detailed character in the first Vaniya campaign, and became a major player.
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As a child of a noble family, Sedna was taught flirtation, elegance, and diplomacy to be the perfect bride. However Sedna grew an interest with playing with her brothers' bows and swords. When Sedna turned of age, suitors lined up, as much for her beauty as wealth. Although Sedna was only a lesser noble of Idrez she aimed high, and at a diplomatic party, charmed the heir of the throne of Doras so much he proposed on the spot. However her family had hidden a secret which would change her life. She was only later told she comes from a long line of humans chosen as champions or mouthpieces by gods who connect with their soul, claiming them. This forcibly changes their alignment (all the chosen begin life true neutral) but gives them great powers. As magic is seen as witchcraft in Idrez, her family had to keep it secret. During her first visit to Doras, the the locals, driven by a nearby lord who had sought Sedna for himself, 'found out' about her family's powers and burnt them and her ancestral home to the ground. When she heard the news, Sedna swore vengeance on those who opposed her and equality for both women and the magically talented. With so few of the chosen left, the gods could not come to a consensus on who's she was, leaving her unclaimed and unpredictable. Sedna has struggled to make a connection with the Divines and thus has not so far gained any particular powers.
As Empress of Doras, she presided over valuable trade deals with Ambvrria in the south, and reformed the elite society of Doras to her will. a notable historic moment is her meting, soon after coronation, with Archduke Nesilo of Aronbor, who, attempting to settle an agreement for help, came south in person. At the time, King Aleine was away leading a hunt, so Sedna accepted the guest. Upon being asked to relate his request to her, he famously said "What's your husband's policy on sharing his wives, because I'm going to need some entertainment until a real man arrives". Aronbor did not recieve the aid they requested.

Rurik Loremaster - Created before I realised Loremaster was a prestige class, Rurik was actually a Dwarven Defender, and the first character I ever played.
Yes I know the image is Gimli
An idealist, (CG) Rurik never quite fit into Dwarven society. Instead of fighting or mining, he decided to reform the Dwarves of the Mandlin mountains into a formidable civilization by accumulating knowledge, as the Dwarves, with their long lifespans, respect for ancestry and relative underground safety were the perfect choice. his life's work was lost, however, when Mandrai from the forests to the east purged the Dwarves at great cost on both sides. he recovered what little he could, including his (previously) ornamental Urgrosh, and set out to find three things, all the remaining Dwarves he could, a new place to settle, and any fragments of knowledge for when the time came that he could make a new Great Dwarven Library. Through his adventures with the Lady Sedna, he procured a new Dwarven Homeland in the Kerns, within the borders of Doras. There he rules the citadel of Kernhold from 95DR to ~200DR, accepting some Duergar to bolster his numbers and propogating his story of the Dwarven expulsion, claiming a new, true homeland. Among the Dwarves who didn't leave (there are still some left), Rurik and his ilk are seen as traitors who abandoned their brethren in time of greatest need. Small enclaves of remaining Dwarves hold out in Vaults and hidden places, disrupting Mandrai efforts.

Rawenna Darksbane - Half-Elf character concept before I realised I could port Rurik over. Probably a Rogue
Possibly like this.
Born in 671KE to an Elven mother and Human father, Rawenna was a product of the interactions between Humans and elves in the first confrontation, and after the treaty of Carnage Hill. General Lucius was entranced by an Elven soldier, who gave birth to the first Vaniyan Half-Elf. Rawenna soon tired of elves still treating her as a child after she, as a Half-Elf, was into maturity. Either sent after a misdemeanor too far or of her own volition, she made the journey across the plains of Eastern Doras and the Columand hills and became on good terms with the Insectoid residents of the area (as an unfamiliar scent, she was not immediately attacked). Reached Rike to find her father disgraced and cast out of the Army. Rawenna took on her own surname and joined the Thieves' Guild.

Marth Unabrink - Human fighter of a player who seems to think that pvp is the real aim of D&D, and makes Convoluted backstories which require it.
This will have to do
Marth was a lowly peasant farm worker in Idrez when he participated in the burning of the Wolfswift manor. In the aftermath, his parents were killed attempting to loot the fragile and still burning wreckage, either by competing looters, collapsing beams, the fire itself or Sedna's parents, he never knew, only that he had to leave, and fast. He joined a band of travelers as a mercenary, worshiping Fharlanghn, god of travelers. Due to his cheating at dice, the band kicked him out, and he was taken in by herders on the plains of Perdon, where he, by chance, ran into Sedna and her party, who had no idea of their intertwined past.
Somehow surviving that catastrophe waiting to happen, Marth went on to become a mercenary for the Ambvrrian Army, and rose through the ranks not entirely by his own skill. He ruled the country in name for all of three years from 96-99KE as General Regent, a more direct vessel of the priesthood of the duality than any before him. Eventually he got too power hungry, and his association with Doras and Empress Sedna made it easy to paint him as a traitor, or at least as untrustable. Marth was assassinated before he could abdicate.

Ulkan R'enar - Half-Mandrai Ranger, and one of the most creatively played PCs I've DMed for, despite the trope of too many 'turned drow'
Nearly Perfect
although his past is mostly unknown, Ulkan was one of the half Mandrai who live in secluded fishing villages on the west coast of the Ruhks, where he was raised. he chose to take the journey to more hospitable lands, and has been a common sight in criminal underworlds from Rydony to Doras, unable to get honest work because of his race, and the fact that he cares about nobody, and would brutally murder even his parents if it netted him a profit (which could be the reason he left). attempting to look as badass as possible and accumulating power are his only concerns.

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