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Dorasi Royal Family[edit]

King Martus IV had three children with Veria of Chaaril. The eldest, Aleine (King Aleine I), another son, Domar, and a daughter, Martia

King Aleine had three children with Lady Sedna Wolfswift. The eldest, a girl, Thalissa (claimed heir by Sedna), then twin boys contesting as heirs, Aleine II (claimed heir by Aleine I) and Kylar (claimed heir by Rurik)

nb. claimed by the gods bloodline passes on from Sedna
Thalissa was the oldest child, and Sedna supports her because applying irl morals to fantasy always works. She retained True neutral, as only the second chosen. She had three children (I think it's a Dorasi Royal tradition) by Ames, an Ambvrrian Noble. Alcaeus (CN), who went on to serve in the army (assigned punishment of duty in Serdanon), Kaitlen (LN), who acts as a protector of the peace in Rike, and Martia (NN), who works as a simple herbalist for the university and making simple cures for nobles.

Aleine II (NE) had (you guessed it) three children, the first, Aleine III (CG), is rumored to be illegitimate, some say the dates don't match up, some claim he was a changeling of one of Aleine II's mistresses. His second was a girl, Vibia (NE), nothing interesting yet, then another boy, Martus (the fifth), who was rumoured to have faked his death, and conspiracy theorists claim all sorts of people are the prince who 'died'

Kylar (NG) had three children with Lara. The eldest was a girl, Balda (NG), who has been brought up as a male to be Kylar's heir. His other two, Lara(LE) and Veria(LG) were both girls, and almost inseperable, a giggling pair at parties, despite their difference in ambition.

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