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Mechanical Decisions, Campaign arcs, modules[edit]

Main Story (5th lv up)
The conflict between Mandrai (semi-surface Drow) and the oldest human nation in Vaniya, Aronbor has raged since soon after Humans arrived on the Grey Coast, and ebbs and flows as rulers and attitudes change. In early KE800s, raids across the wall on villages North of Criche escalated to a peak, and nearly all were abandoned. Despite all this, none of the other nations offered more than minimal aid to solve what Aronborians considered 'their only true enemy', preferring to let the sides blunt their forces on each other first. The flood of refugees coming south and paranoid advisors convinced King Antelpes that more help was needed, and with the country split into those who wanted to seek the lands Humans had come from, across the Grey Sea to the West, and those who thought with more effort, Humanity could be united to finally eradicate the blight of the Mandrai.
Antelpes took a ship, and some of his greatest warriors, to seek the West, and, for nearly 100 years nothing has been seen or heard of them. The Dukes rule Aronbor in his stead, and few now hold out hope for the return of The Last King of Aronbor. Prophesies say his ship will be seen from or land at either The Hysofen or King's Point in Iosia depending on who you believe. Nearly as soon as he left, however, the raids stopped, and Mandrai haven't been seen nar the wall at all. The public line, of course, is that they've retreated, but some believe that They're amassing power or artefacts for a large scale attack some time in the future. Nobody dares to go into the forest to check, but the Dwarves are attacked in their Mountain strongholds, many are killed or become wanderers in other lands. Those who are spoken to recall very little or do not care to share the shaming of their race with outsiders.
The Mandrai of old were a free and varied race, living all over Vaniya, with great trade cities in the East, explorers sent south and East, and the Religious Centres in the Darkness of the Great forest which covered the northern half of the continent. Since Human arrival, however, the only enclave left is in the Ruhks, the original Heart of Mandrai Religious Society, which over the years became more and more fanatic in their dedication to Lolth and Darkness, more like the traditional Drow of D&D. They intend to summon their Spider-Goddess, Lolth, in a physical form to reclaim the continent and/or create a perpetual darkness. Players may try to combat this in many ways, from straight up going into the forest to find and stop the ritual before it happens through to enlisting other gods to fight for them or even venturing to the underdark to reforge the Crescent Blade (a sword created specifically to defeat Lolth). The method (in the white priestess books) of 'sucking' magic from around deities to trap and kill them, since they are essentially beings of pure magic, or even pretending to be the promised king and rallying the Human Nations to a full scale war.

Rydonian - Dorasi conflict (5th lv up)
When The Forces of Humanity swept East across the mountains in the 200 and 300s KE, they were still part of a cohesive whole, but differences increased with the natural border in place, and Aronbor, Doras and Rydony, the three major continental powers, formed. Until about 400KE, Rydonian and Dorasi forces fought together, admittedly under different commanders, and eventually, different flags and instructions altogether, 'just to make organisation easier'. By the battle of Maloglash in 381KE miscommunication and one side's (each says it was the other) decision to use unlicenced magic caused a catastrophe, and the seperate armies split, Rydony becoming, to stereotype slightly, a guild run trading empire founded on slaves, and Doras a technomagical superpower famous for its universities and colleges, whilst Aronbor, struggling against Mandrai in the Ruhks, specialised in military prowess. As borders were organised and the nations grew more apart, a no man's land was created in the form of the mostly inhospitable countries of Mirkesh, Perdon, and to a lesser extent, Romara. In the early 600s KE, Doras, confident of its military supremacy, and already becoming rich off its explorations into the Rinon Peninsula; invades and occupies the previously neutral zone of Romara, subjugating local tribes and making agressive motions towards Rydony.
Whether by Rydonian suggestion or not, the Elves of Asrinon and Inderinon cross the Eastern Divide from their continent of Loriande to land in the Rinon Peninsula. Encountering Dorasi settlers, they quickly dispatch them, since in Loriande, Humans are little more than savages, fit only for manual labour. Eventually Dorasi military become aware of these deaths and forces prepared to go north are sent East instead. This culminates in the battle for Carnage hill in 670KE, and the 'mutual defeat' of each side. Doras retains its western hold on Romara, through the garrison in Serdanon, but knows that now it is weakened, with enemies on two sides.
Since 700KE, Doras has forged links with the emerging economies of the Ambvrrian trade triplicate and through them, the lands to the south, and Rydony has cemented links between itself and both the Orcs of Northerond and to a lesser extent, the Elves. In this way, the main factions of each side are established, although the balance could be very easily tipped with well placed offers to one side or the other's significant allies, especially if carried by adventurers who would have no links to their employer if caught. The city of Serdanon (not much info), a strategic trade centre, and the Dorasi established capital of Romara, may become a major arena of this conflict, as cooperation of the tribes in the area would be imperative to moving armies through, and could tip battles with their guerrilla knowledge.

Mordland - Maradan conflict (1st-12th lv)
The relatively young alliance of the Trade triplicate (Ambvrria, Mordland and Idrez) exists slightly detached from the major events of the rest of the continent because of the effect of the Teln mountains, but this has not made them any more removed from the (seemingly) inherent conflict of sentient species. Clashes along the river Mord over Resources are an issue for another time, as are the 'equality issues' between magic users and the Knights of Order in Idrez. Today's conflict of choice is between King Landor Spike of Mordland and a refugee/rebel group originally sourced from his population. The so called 'Bawold rebels' operate from their fledgling settlement at Breakfire point [mouth of the river leaving Lake Minv] on Maradan, the largest of what they call the 'Free Island States', and are joined by a motley selection of Southrons, Dwarves and Humans from Doras, and some of the wilder Druids and Rangers of the isles. The rebels have made no moves yet, as they are dealing with a leadership conflict between a Dwarf, Nulan, who supports settling and trading (backed up by Dorasi power), and a Southron, Yeshwar, who heads up a (slightly larger) group intent on revenge against Mordland (backed up by Iosian money). Adventurers, mercenaries and other sell-swords may be in great demand on both sides should the situation escalate, and, with many miles of water between the sides, preferably those with naval experience. Indeed, stealing or burning boats might be the perfect task for unaffiliated freelancers. Adventurers may be in the area as heroes of Mordland, negotiating for clam-pearls, on board a disguised Iosian transport, or seeking a staging post for expeditions to the outer islands.

Ruins of ___ High in the foothills of the Teln mountains another great ruined city of the Giants has been found, as Maarag, Graan, Chaaril, Glaarig and Angaar were, many years before. This time though, something (kobolds, undead, dragon, goblin, other, Collection of Reactive and logical factions?) got there first. Unable to take the army from their positions staring down both the Rydonians and Inderinans, Family Volcavius of Glaarig, the nearest civilian centre, and, by extension, the ruling elite of Doras, have put out a call for adventurers willing and hardy enough to enter. Loot may be kept, so long as it is all shown to be catalogued by archivists from Rike, and rewards will be given both for cleared districts and (recognisable) trophies of particularly troubling monsters.

Ashwall (1st-12th lv)
Google Doc
The map for this is linked in the maps tab.

Eshnud (1st-3rd lv)
Google Doc

Emberton (3rd-6th lv)
I made (less than half of) a text based adventure game based in the village of Emberton. If I ever finish it, I will post that here.

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