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This is a grim world filled with endless oceans. The three mightiest races now flee from extinction to populate a dark and savage universe. It is a universe of cruel warriors, brooding priests, and cruel and distant Gods that see humanoids as play things. In the past, there were two collossal Pangeas long hidden from each other: One for all civilized species and one for all the savage and monstrous species. So the Gods destroyed the homes of mankind and the other races and let them flee to build new homes in these terrible lands. A dark age ruled by swords had begun.

Long ago golden civilisations ruled the continent of Aeoryran,
a largue continent containing all civilized or sentient species,
but then Aeoryran was sunk into the sea and attacked by thousands ills.

Dark Fantasy[edit]

This is the raise of medieval society, ancient civilizations have been destroyed and now all races go to war over the remains of a post-apocalyptic world, filled with monstrous predators that no one has seen before. The now barbaric and primitive races must face each other's civilizations and armies for the first times. Teoryran is a dark fantasy setting and your character is already dead. The civilizations are so oppressive that murderous rogues look like heroes, religion is grim and maintained by cruel gods that would have preferred if the races never left their caves. Good and evil both leads to evil consequences whatever you do. From all this violence and deceit each race has grown strong enough to ascend with their own culture and society. The world is both suffering with a cataclysm of the destruction of half of all life on the planet and the raise of a terrible medieval age for all races. This dark world is full with wars between races, intrigues between races and adventures for those that somehow don’t take side. Each race have their own impressive but primitive civilization with equal advantages and disadvantages, no one has portrayed as morally superior not even demons or drow civilizations. All sides have both self-destructive ulterior motives and genuine idealistic intentions. For all races good intentions will lead to evil consequences and their ideas are equally relative, their ulterior motives can be equally short-sighted and greedy leading to collective suicide. Each race usually have little contact with anyone outside their society and are locked into several castes and social roles that have nothing to do with adventure or killing. Someone has to play the servitor even though he doesn’t have any desirable skills.

Magic and Science[edit]

Magic is everywhere in the world though it is more often a weapon of enemies than a tool for heroes. Magical training is only available in very urban places that have culminated scientific knowledge through centuries of experiments. Such orders exists in the shadow of society, and there is no academicals instructions or benevolent rules that tolerate nor provide for such shady activates. The bourgeoisie guilds have gathered secrets behind their fortresses, since the first market places where founded, The Church have some extremely heretical and hidden groups. There are separate orders for Scholastic priests and other cloistered orders for monks and such orders lose a lot of magical power due to religious superstitions. Noble Knights and barons forms their own knightly orders with their own churches and priests, some even have little to do with religious activates and instead are Chivalric orders of scholars and librarians.

The Powers of the Devine[edit]

With some rare exceptions the gods are to distant and monstrous to grant spells, blessing mortal creatures would boost their sense of individual importance and thus be a blasphemy against the Gods. There are no clerics and paladins in Teoryran. Only Gods that are Speciesist -Racists such as Zarus grant spells or actually care about any sort of religion. Most Gods are bound to races or they don’t want inspire mortal religion at all, instead, most Gods creates monsters to teach the races humility or make sure that sentient creatures accept their meaningless short lives so the Gods can enjoy an unchanging world. The Gods preferred the universe as it was without sentient creatures, but other gods accept sentient creatures as long as they don’t try to build anything, others are more extreme and think the universe was more pleasant when there where no life at all. It is important that no deity is good, evil nor even neutral. They just are "and" they bound to the way the universe is but they have not always been. They have long Gods watched the creation of this universe and they moved in, they do not make the universe function rather they adopt some aspects of the universe, personify it and occasionally manipulate it. Only the most humanoid seeming gods create religions, the others are to alien to think anything that humanoids could comprehend as ”religion”. Instead the gods only inspire humanoid religion, creatures invent their own religions and believe something similar to any existing God then that religion falls under the gods category. Such religion strengthen that god who usually isn’t impressed anyway. Most priests and holy warriors are just wasting a lot of time on religion without necessarily gaining any specific perks from it. There are a few proxies, religious agents of their gods that are granted spells from their gods but they are not the same as the village preacher, the monk nor even the Bishop.

The World as worlds are discovered[edit]

Teoryran is a brave, virgin continent in the middle of a conflict between races
and cultures who all want to dominate the world.
Teoryran is the largest of the two pangean continents
and is mostly uninhabited because of the monsters that live there.

Aeoryran, is the only other continent. It is the smallest of the two continents.
It its collapsing into the sea.
From here came all the great civilizations of this world.

The Underdark

The Races Born by Power[edit]

These are the most dominat races in Teoryran but not the only ones.

the race of men
Black forest filled with mutated freaks flocking to cannibal monasteries for protection against the night.
Dark Knights attend blasphemies in their corpse adorned castles.
The Barons leads war of pillage and scorching in the name of blood and divine crusade.
Cities are risen from diseased pits infected by greed and black magic.
The Church teach madness of eternal paradoxes and eternal infighting.
Rogue priests whip deformed peasants into frenzy in their rebellion against civilisation!
Inquisitors descend from the cities paying huntsmen to hunt peasants like animals.
Dirty and ill smelling countries are overpopulated with half naked cattle tribes
going to war only with tribal knifes against farmers with pitchfork over blood feuds and honour.
The monsters still screams in the shade of acid dripping shadows of the dread forest.
Theologians preaching balancing faith with knowledge and barbarian priests preaching blind faith kills each other for the.
the race of ork
The Exotic threefold isles are filled with excellence of radiant mornings,
casting burning shadows over abstract looking maintains.
The night living civilisation dot the land in colourful orderly blocks of markets and houses.
The colourful clothes of the populace and their paper lanterns
adore the night cities. The orderly houses filling district after district in harmony of gigantic fields of forests :and ”naturally :arranged” :parks. Bridges and roads adore the wilderness isolating the districts making
ports and guards gently presents with diligent passport control.
Detectives patrol the cities seeking truth and justice.
Plotters walks the street and samurai walks the wild escorting ministers and fighting barbarians.
Ranks after ranks of samurai fills battlefields between rivalling dynamos
in a dynamic conflict between distinct and district.

Player Info: A Saga of Dire Times and Tragic Heroes[edit]



Classes of the western race, called humanity.
Feats and Class Features


Teoryran World Reference[edit]

Religion and Society[edit]

a dull work in regards to Societies and religions of the lands

Avertar, Teologican.

Introduction to the Gods[edit]



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Design Notes[edit]

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