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The Drow Gods[edit]

When the drow fleed into the under world, the heavens where dying and the gods of heaven followed the Drow into the under world by descending in an last sun set.

  • Enil

The sky god, god of breath, geometry, and life force, is banished to the underworld for raping a goddess, who now is his wife. He acts as the ferry being the Lord of subterranean rivers and the provider of breathable air.

  • Black Sekhet

The Warrior and death Goddess. She was the sun goddess when she was called Shapash, then in her rage she became Sekhet, pleague, desert and war, Now all that remains is the Black Sun, Sol Niger with the power over the material world where she once had the power over the heavens. The warrior goddess and the former sun bent on destroying all life, to avenge her exile into the underworld.

  • Chthonia

The former moon, exiled and captured in the under dark only remembers darkness and whispers of death to all. She is a pale white Goddess of Moon,life and Death,"

  • Arachia.

The spider goddess, was a mortal cursed to her form because she dared to weave finer cloth than any other gods. With this curse she descended godhood.

  • Serquet.

The Goddess of scorpions, is healer, poisoner and judge. The claws of ths scorpion decides right and wrong and hers is the power of military readiness and the strength to separate right from wrong.

  • Loth

The same diety as in FeƤrun, Loth in Teoryran, is more authoritarian and more caring and slightly less malevolent. She is still a cruel alien creature.

Teoryran World (3.5e Campaign Setting)[edit]

This is part of the Teoryran World setting. A world when great civilizations have fallen and time have passed and in a dark medieval age the races have found unexplored world filled with danger. There is no turning back.

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