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Class Design Philosophy[edit]


When altering the classes, I did not want to make unnecessary changes even if it might look that way. Rather I wanted to adjust the classes to my setting and remove all the classes I did not perceive as universal. I used the following guidelines.

Changes of Standard Classes[edit]

  • There are only two unchanged classes, fighter and rogue.
  • No Spell casters who are not specialized.
  • Templar’s and Knights replace the Paladin.
  • Clerics are abolished because Priests does usually not have magical abilities.
  • Barbarian is to tied to inborn abilities and is replaced.
  • Rangers can not have spell like abilities and are replaced with Huntsmen.
  • The normal Asian inspired Monk are limited and will be adjusted to only apply to the Ork Race.
  • Druids are abolished because they are Celtic based and because they are spell casters.
  • Samurai, from Oriental Adventures called for minor adjustment.
  • The Ninja will replace the rogue for the Orks.

New Classess[edit]

The new classes have the purpose of creating the feel of the dark mediaeval culture of the humans or the exotic Japanese culture of the Ork , for example. Classes are defined by whether you are a peasant or noble for example, Peasants fights dirty, unarmed or light armed. Priest shouldn’t be awesome spell casters but do little but talk and perhaps backstab. Healers uses mundane or at least extraordinary abilities, that takes time and might be dangerous. Wizards and divine spell casters are not the average priest or monk, instead there are rare and unique Clerical Orders of Priests and monks that specialize in spell casting BUT only as the part of the philosophy of their order. For example different clerical orders have their own beliefs such as demanding poverty, fighting for the religion, protecting pilgrims etc. Magic and spell casting is a side affect such just like monasteries that tend to the poor or functions as hospitals but its not the goal in itself, that sort of pragmatics is alien to a man of faith.

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