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Planned races by List


Hello, I have planned to have many more races in my world than I have had time to carry into realization. Dividing each race into their classes seemed like a powerful way to express the setting, but it turned out that it slowed me down and forced me to spend all time making classes. For such reasons I hereby publish my ideas and ambitions behind each race and why I wanted to make changes to the rules. Return to Teoryran World


We all know the interpretation of the Ork as noble nature worshiping barbarians with some Viking features. It’s in Shadowrun and it is World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft was originally a strategy game with no need to balance the orks physical strength with stupidity, so the noble orks where just average minded berzerkers in strong bodies which was balanced against other races using weapons or magic. In Warhammer Orks are not stupid but simple and addicted to bloodlust. I choose to make Orks into an Japanese modelled race to take the noble nature worshipping warrior and the warrior with honour, one step farther. To do this I had to make the orks more humanlike, but I wanted to make the orks strong but average smart. Instead of balancing their physical strenght, I wanted to give them monster levels and level up to gain their strenght but I also wanted to give them some sort of racial feats.

  • Nobles-one smart ork without mental penalties

and at least one free fighter bonus feat. Some intellectual traits and perhaps rage as racial trait.

  • Farmers-one stupid ork with the following features

1st | good attack 2nd |natural armour 3rd improved speed 4 | brutish attack 5 natural armour 6 wild strider 7 natural armour 8 brutish attack 9 endurance 10 natural armour 11 technical attack, 12 skill bonus or feat 13 natural armour 14 will power 15 skill bonus or feat 16 natural armour 17 technical attack 18 skill bonus or feat 19 natural armour 20 good attack,

  • one Ork with high constitution and no minus
  • one Ork race with dexterous and elf like skills.


In Teoryran, the human race represents the European culture and white racism. For such reasons all humans are white and European or Greek inspired. The ancient empire is inspired by greek city states and the roman empire under Christianization. The Mad first Emperor is a combination of Emperor Nero, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Octavius and Constantine the Great and the Qin of China. The new human colonies in Teoryran represents the gothic and Teutonic culture that tried to rebuild roman empire under the dark ages. Representing human immigration in our world, the human evolved in a African seeming land that transformed into ice age and then into Greek-Roman European landscape. Though the kingdom might seem rather realistic it is not particularly so, Kored have elements of many contradictory eras. The cities that have just been build are equivalent to 11th century technology and the country side are left in 7th century in most but not all ways. Economy is based on early natural economy when no monetary currency exist but the cities seems to be centuries ahead of the natural economy. This is to portray “usury, where the Church condemn money lending, banking and setting prices as “usury” which crushed the mediaeval economy. Another purpose is to portray a society where the poor could be wealthier but where it is illegal for them to be because the elite are afraid of loosing control. Korad have armours and swords that requires 15th century technology but even of such items are very rare most things like chimneys and farming technology are left on 6-7th century. Korad have a feudal system and saddles that both are from the early 8th century. Historically the Church was more linient and liberal before the 11th century but here the church is left in the 4th to 7th century but it preach doom and gloom, celibacy and outlaw hairpins as if it was 12th century. The general rule is that anything that is terrible such as the inquisition, the negative and depressing focus in religion, bloody Tudor punishment and uprising etc always happens sooner in Teoyran, Also weapons that can be used to tyranize and oppress the populance also appear faster. For example, while in reality advanced armour technology also lead to gunpowder being discovered more quickly and thus the discovery of better armour abolish the same armour. In Teoryran Kored, humanity have talent discovering for the grimes weapon centuries faster than discoveries that could end the barbaric age.

The human races also have some though behind them.

  • Nobles are envisioned as taking fighter class adding some social traits

and making into racial feats. The nobles are “military aristocrats” but not at all “snobbish socialite aristocrats”. The human society is not advanced enough to have pure socialites.

  • Peasants where first envisioned as rouges, then as stupid

and then as less stupid and finally as very similar to the nobles. My latest vision is to base peasants on the barbarian class features and giving them grappling and wrestling attacks instead of rage. My problem is that they are not so unique. Originally I planned to make the peasants less specialised and only make the nobles specialised.

  • The Church. Is no longer a race but a technical detail.
  • The bourgeoisie are envisioned as the classical human from other books

but with some penalties and changes. The race is based on expert and the extra skill points only apply to their racial class skill which are the experts.


The Elves are Africans. They evolved in Aeoryran but they escaped when their jungle lands changed and because they wanted nothing to do with the human race. They fled to Teoryran, where Africa similar climate can be found in many places in the continent. Much like humans, they created a civilisation that totally collapsed into barbarian tribes hunting and killing each other for lands. I am considering making all sorcerers elfs. Replacing the traditional elven nature worship with African beliefs. Such an culture would have traits from several African cultures. Fey’ry are not half-demons but the ancestors and progenitors of the elven race, whoms blood have weakened through the generations. There will be no good and no evil elf race, just one race. Drow will not be envisioned as evil nor entirely elven.

  • intelligence +2 elves, like sun elves.
  • strenght +2 elves as blood elves.
  • dex +elves.

The Dwarfs[edit]

The Dwarfs will be Chinese. They are another race partically because they where once Asian humans. We all know Asians are NOT a race but because of cultural differences and the racism of the human races Zarus no longer accept them magically transforming them into another race. The Asians rejected the western inspired bad things such as the general non-Confucian-ness and general western body-soul dualism.

Humanity was cursed by the gods when the Asians with their understanding of the natural order of the universe ( Dao, Confucius, Chinese Buddhism, Legalism etc) foresaw the curse and shielded themselves resulting in them becoming shorter and tougher, hence a new race. I like to throw in Zarus and racism as a contributing factor, perhaps Zarus didn’t have much to do with it but rather the dwarfs shielded themselves also from his power to avoid the curse. After the change, Zarus probably refused to allow “the tainted” to become human again. Dwarfs greed is the typical stereotype of the Chinese are greedy and duplicitous. The Dwarfs skills is why their “Chinese inspired” Civilisation have. gunpowder and other things such as paper and compasses.


The children of the first humans, the brothers of Zarus and cursed by the Zarus and the other races to become an own race. Vasharen are not envisioned to be 100% as evil as in “the book of vile darkness” but close. The Vasharens are just as cruel as humanity because I have maxed out human cruelty already and I am taking into account that Vasharen are murderous, rapist, racist, sexist, cannibalistic and so on. The defining characteristics of the Vasharen is not their evil but their atheism and liberal democracy which is perfect because I envisioned humanity as bloodthirsty religious fanatics. Vasharen can’t love and they don’t deny what they are while humans can feel love but do the same things as common as the vasharen but they deny that they do and they justify themselves. Humans are immoral because they justify and break their rules just because they hold their rules, because its wrong to kill they kill. The Vasharen, are amoral not immoral, they don’t break any rules because they don’t deny what they are and they don’t have any rules to break. Vasharen follow the few rules that hold to.

The Vasharen are the French blood thirsty revolution in an fantasy world, the revolution is genocidially violent and cruel but democratic, progressive and enlightened. Their culture should be an all-bourgeoisie city state based culture, take some elements of the 18th century and mix with 14th century for good measure. Other elements could be taken from the renaissance or specific countries. Perhaps they even have fire spirit driven steam machines? My main inspiration is Social Contract theory by violence.

  • Vasharen are democratic
  • Vasharen do what ever they want
  • Vasharen have a minimum state with few and harsh laws.
  • Vasharen have the following characteristic from the cannon book

except that they are not automatically evil. All races are equally morally relative, good to themselves and evil to outsiders.

  • The Vasharen have no inborn taboo against killing, raping, incest

and they have no inborn defence mechanism against non-cute animals such as serpents, spiders and scorpions.

  • Vasharen do not shun grotesque things such as torture or corpses.
  • Vasheren, do not feel love nor faith.


I added the drow . I was inspired by Dark Earth and Drow Tales on the internet. the Drow are not meant as the polar opposite, to the good elves. Rather they are an own race and I think they differ from some aspects. Actually, the other races represents the terrible things I do not want to exist in our reality but they do. The Drow who usually are evil, represents all the good best things I want in reality. Technological progress, underground cities and well other ideas. I selected drow just because I think they are cool. I have jet to define a strict real world cultural counter part to these drow. Anything from Sumerian to Arabic is possible.

The Centaurs[edit]

The Centaurs are Mongolians and the Mongolian-Chinese dynasty. Like their historical counterpart they rose from nowhere, but in Toeryran they attack colonies in wilderness instead of old kingdoms and they are also at odds with the Orks because they carry out the equivalent of the Japanese-Mongolian where the Orks successfully defend their homeland.

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