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The terrors and perils of Teoryran are no less severe to the Kingdoms than they are to parties of brave adventurers. From all directions are all shorelines taken by greedy Dukes and swords playing with iron and gold.

The Red Shogunate[edit]

The Shogunate where once vassal states of Kared but they rebelled at the triple Isle of Yazami and imprisoned a living god possessing Kared XV. The gods of the skies removed the Sun for the rebels and tried to starve them. The mortal rebels gained a ransom for freeing the God. The Gods created created a series isles called the Eight Plains of Lotus Buds and the kingdom called itself The Red Shogunate. To protect their lands the Samurai where created and imbued with divine powers. In return the Shogunate should rule in the name of the gods and the will of the Shogun shall be the voice of the gods.

Recently the gods have become more active in the Red Shogunate and convinced the Shogun to start a war against the Kingdom of Kared.

The Shogunate is mostly populated by Orcs, then by elves and humans. The Shogunate have no kings, instead a government consisting of experienced generals rules the state. The Shogun is the ultimate General, ruler and arch priest. The present Shogun is an orc.

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The Kingdom of Kared[edit]

The Kingdom of Kared is a Kindom, founded by the Kared Dynasty
with the magical Crown of Wisdom which enhance the Kings wisdom
and link him to the gods.
The last Kared, Kared XXV has died by Mazekene evil founder the lizard witch king Ma-Ra-kai.
The Kingdom is now dying and the capital city
Kared is overwhelmed by the terrible Lizardmen killing everything in their way.
The Crown of Wisdom was lost under the battle
so now The Dukes of Kared have fled to Teoryran.
Kareds new capital is Rebirth, build in a river delta at Vilethrone Isle.
A few castles and harbour remain on Aeoryran.
Aeoryran baronies are not yet lost but the earthquakes and flood makes trade and crops impossible
Disloyal serfs are killed by the thousandths for trying to
leave Aeoryran.

(contains all previus information)

Mazakeen Empire[edit]

M. is a great civilisation on Aeoryran that is collapsing into oblivion with everything else. The Mazakeen pyramid cities is located on the mountain tops and secret dales of the tropical forests of the land. Mazakeen is Teocracy and Monarchy under a Priest King. All royalties or noble families are descendants from the original Mazakeen tribe that is retroactive considered divine. They worship the Sun god Golden Frog who protect them from their hell called The Swarm of the Smoked Hive. The empire practice ritual sacrifice on a massive scale to hold off the Smoked Hive. They have a strong tradition of accepted religious cannibalism. They build stairway Pyramids to their gods and practice mummification. They also create countless guardian Mummies and leches.

This also provide the Mazakeen Empire with spells. Mazakeen lizardmen are very educated but a have an religious taboo against iron technology. They only use stone based technology. The The Golden Frog, the mazakeen Sun god and told them that the gods had selected them to protect the world from the Swarm of the Smooked Hive and to teach morality and religion to all other races. Too Mazakeen gave them a egg from which a lizardman was hatched. Ma-Ra-kai, the great Priest-King grew up and so the Mazakeen Imperium was hatched. The Imperium has many humans and elves but orcs are the next numerous race second to Lizardmen.

Barony of Icondri[edit]

The Barony of Icondry is a small isle where everyone are vampires. Humanoids are bought from tradors. There is no sun in Icondri and nothing grows there. The only thing the living knows is that it is a crime to be alive in Icondri and murder is legal.

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The Legacy of Emerald Snow and Red Shadow[edit]

The land of Emerald Snow and Red Shadow is an kingdom populated by Nietzschean. Its devided between thausands of clans,tribes that makes up larger prides and the prides makes up the Legacy. The Land of Emerald Snow and Red Shadow amounts sixteen Legacies. No other races are accepted and few join any other society.

Barony of Gutsnatcher[edit]

Gutsnatcher is an underground cave realm around Aeoryran. Shaven are the elite and Ratfolk are their slaves.

The Horde of the Golden Bull[edit]

The Empire of Han Tanaar. Han Tanaar is an genocidial nomad war lord. He was a rogue traitor samurai who was cursed by the sun to fear a burned face for kidnapping the Korad God. When the gods forgave all other rebels Han tanaar was still left with his curse and so he chose the path of evil.

Now he wears a golden horned helmet in which he has preserved a fraction of the sun gods power.

His Horde worship chaos, life and death. Han tanar is human but most of his horde are Minotaur, Centaur, Beastmen, humans and orc. Han Tanaar is a master of the art of war and his wars are so brutal and are of such a sort that Teoryan never have seen the like before. Even the weaker of the gods must bow to him. The psycic energy of his total wars and genocidial sacrifices has created a god of war that adore him.

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