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Collonists thinks can steel themselves against the horrors of their new homes. They are wrong becouse far from the east coasts Teoryran, for there is an isle, an Baron rules a vampire nation. Can the races really overcome this horror that the continent have hidden.


In the lands of Icondri, where nothing lives nor grows, only Vampires populates the land, existing with almost no living souls. There are theories that Icondri have a human population that is oppressed by their dead lords, where else would they get the blood they need? The truth is much more horrible, Icondri keeps no living as cattle, they have an import and export based economy. and their only import goes directly to slaughter. Orders are huge and delivered directly within days. The Nobles can last days without feeding before becoming agitated although doing so ages their visages, and these Lords are vain. When delivery is delayed vampires have no taboo against devouring their commoners, who of course are also undead.


A vampire is created each time when someone is trying to heal dying person or raise dead. Though more advanced methods can create less horrible undeads, there is no way to raise dead without serious side effects.


The white barons of Icondri rule from hole citadels made of nothing but beautiful mausoleums and temples. Each room is a modified grave, catacomb or memorial site. At this dread court there is The Baron of the land himself and his lesser co-Barons who each rule as Lords over each chair of office as feudal lord and swear loyalty to the Great Baron. In return for loyalty they are entitles to salaries and have the right to collect tax and demand a fee from the commoners for their services. The dead are more attentive and watchfull than the living, indeed. The exchequer is Lord of Treasury ,Constables are lords of Security and Bailiff are Lords of the Bailey and so on. The Baron rules over several lesser counts who rule their own districts below the Counts the baron prefer Bailiffs rather than Knights. Icondri have several cities made by lesser churches and mausoleums where the law is enforced by constables with an organised city guard of watchmen. Baliffs are bureaucrats ruling districts, collecting tax, commanding executions and ordering work places. Feudal Knights are a minority, because the island can’t sustain a fully organised feudalism and it is still just one Barony. The Baron holds them in high esteem as warriors and life guards, but grant few titles and fewer lands while advising them to settle with far less. The High Baron, feel free to take or withhold property from anyone and give away to anyone, depending on his apprise of the individuals honour or just favouritism. Icondri society is sustained on a grim agriculture, rather they have fields of graves and forests of bones that grim foresters and reapers work to produce an equally grim crop when the dead are ready to be harvested. This feeds the poor who can afford little else than the ragged clothes and thorn skins they wear and who often are forced to feed on each others.

  • Economy

The Barony is rich. It sells funeral services such as mummification, relicts from saints bones, and equipment such as caskets, oils or tools. It’s import is living beings to send directly to slaughter. as soon they enter the isle. Icondri prefer to let the cattle stay in the boats until its time for slaughter because otherwise the por would raid the storages.

  • Slaughterhouses

Killing humans and preparing the food is a large industry, its efficiency makes it possible for Icondri to sustain such large population. The blood goes to the nobles, the flesh to the lesser and the bones can be turned into tools.

  • Esteemed professions

Esteemed professions are Morticians, Necromancers, scholars of death and surprisingly enough doctors. Artisans are needed to build and maintain the expensive tombs and catacombs, death priests and always praying for the dead and wardens maintaining the respect and reverence of death. A heretical but very common interest is the though of learning how to heal the livings.

The Noble Houses[edit]

The upper houses of vampires are those vampires that died with luxurious burials and where resurrect with spells or where reincarnated. Their bodies where well conserved and no undead that reach up to the standards of the dead nobility are accepted as nobility. The two noble houses, the royal house and the common house.. The houses are founded by two kingdoms of two floods. Traditionally the two floods where seen to represent life and death.

  • The Royal House

Are called so because they where wealthy enough to afford luxurious burial and resurrection ceremonies.

  • The Reborn House

These undead creatures where once creatures who after death where artificially reborn by a pregnant person, their personality and memories are passed over as they grow up. At full adulthood the new body starts to grow pale and the vamperious cravings begin.

The Common Houses[edit]

The lower houses of vampires are those that are created by a sort of symbiotic life form such as vermin. Their bodies transform while being devoured from inside by the creatures that eventually grow into the hide and then take it off. Such hideos creatures are even appreciated as court jesters, household maids or even used as cheap soldiers.

  • Maggots. Maggots are undeads that can eat anything.

The maggot inside usually eat the undeads head first, then attach itself as its head but pieces of the brain lopes are worn as a hide on the new face. Unlike the worms they have a foundness for wearing human skin inside and out and using the blood and gore as feets.

  • Worms. worms are undeads that can eat blood and rotten flesh.

These usually consist by a multitude of worms that devours each other.

  • Insects. The Insects are strange creatures but the most social able of the low undead.

They begin eating the skeleton of the corpse and replace the bones with its own legs. They transform by starving and becoming so thin the more they eat until when finally the are so bony that they shape into the insectoid form. .

  • Other rumours, bats, wolves, spiders, scorpions.

The Lowest[edit]

When a vampire kills a human they don’t turn into real vampires they turn into undead. The Common Houses are more respected because they are so hideous and the nobles don’t want to eat them. The Lowest undead are excellent food for the nobles.

  • Rotten Feasts. are those that eat rotten dead.
  • Pestilence Drinkers* are those that feed on the diseased, both living and dead.
  • Last Suppers* those that devour either blood or flesh.

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