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The Red Shogunate is the most special Kingdoms in Teoryran becouse it does not have a King.


The Shogunate have several elected ministries That all pursue politics with some influence in the administration. In the Chamber the main ministers are all generals of the mayor schools of tactics And different subject such as the treasurer,. The Shogun himself is the greatest general chosen by merit, a military dictator in a military government. As such there are many others generals in government who govern from a military perspective but rarely directly lead armies. Civilian ministers are either priests or military and intellectually educated samurai from different Clans. The Shogunate is atheist and have Davine power from the Shogunates ancient contract with the gods. The Ancestors of Beautiful Children, guard the contract. The Shogun himself have the power to grant spells to those that believe in the government. The Shogunate does not use any form of “noble court”. There is some political friction between nobles that favours more feudal previliges For themselves and the ministries that favour more centralized and controlled armies. The Shogunate is further divided in great national districts set up as dependent member states.

Feudal System[edit]

The shogun lives in the strongest and most central state, making it the “capital state” with the capital city. The capital state is controlled directly under him with own army and regional organisation. The surrounding states are also directly controlled by him with the aid of State Ministers but are organising to support the capital in case the closer regions would rebel or be taken over. The noblest and most powerful Clans rules the member States Encompassing several lesser clans from which they intermarry. Only they can become Dynamos. The dominating clan names the entire state or are appointed By the Shogun. The Clan leaders are always From educated at the Shoguns Palace with a exam based on merit. Each State has a special purpose Such as producing special goods, protecting roads, defending a weak region , colony or outpost.

The Clan system, Caste system and the elements[edit]

The great clans are extended and adopted political families. The Clans of the noblest lineages keep to themselves. As Clans of lesser lineages kept to themselves. A clan member can be demoted or promoted Between a minimal and maximal status depending on his blood. The slightly lesser ones are clans of armies, of soldiers types. Front soldiers, pike men, archers, gunners, swordsmen, Raiders and etc. The State clan sends its members to these clans According to where they serve or educated themselves.

The Samurai Caste[edit]

Below the noblest clans, are the young houses, they can never become Dynamos. They are those that have advanced to heraldry status from commoners through Competence, adoption or marriage. They are regarded with a special kind of nobility , even if such a person is of equal status. It is possible their children to advance to nobler class if the nobler houses would die out. To a nobler houses member he is considered nominally and formally inferior. And if he is superior rank he is considered nominally equal. As opposed to the noblest houses that answers to their own organisation as the Shoguns middlemen, The less noble houses are directly sub servant to the government and not to their own house.

The Farmer Caste[edit]

Below the Samurai Class are the Farmers.

The farmers have their own clans with their own hierarchy of social statues. Finer farmers refuse to marriage with lower farmers etc. Families specialise in fishery or farming or isle or shore etc. Many few farmers are rich and as an result of the class system granting them less official status than they actually have and even going so far as to ignore the need to reduce their power. The unofficial power leads criminality is rife in the farmer class. For such reason farmers are forbidden to own weapons and forbidden to know martial arts. so they generally killed If they seem overly adept at defending themselves. The only thing this leads to is rouge bandit lords that hides as peasant half the year then murder the other half. Peasants with the knowledge trains swordsmen that use their own illegal style and forge their own swords. Peasant more often excel at martial arts but they are forced To specialise on skill with either sword or unarmed fists. Hidden trained means the peasant warriors always sucks At cooperation and group tactics, because they never gather openly Long enough to learn those. As groups they become undisciplined mobs That panic quickly and even less powerful than as lone individuals in everyway.

Farmers have few rights, but a hard legal system actually gives them. A mans life is as much as his social status and death penalty can be carried relatively arbitrary against peasants. Still the Shogunate actually grant farmers a high social status below the Samurai but this combined with the farmers lack of education further leads to organised crime. The farmers are valued more than merchants by the Shogunate because they produce something concrete, as such farmers steals from and control merchants. So Farmers often murders and steals from outsiders and hide taxes. Farmers lives in Villages are organised to proved services such as feeding a garrison or cleaning a bridge twice a week. Farmers have deeply subservient and conformist culture which can be very opposed to their wielded attitudes and personalities. forbidden Villages rules as a collective bending to the will of a Bandit or the eldest member of the dominant family. The Peasant Bandits main enemy is not the samurai, it’s the merchants and The Yakuza.

The Merchant Caste[edit]

Merchants Merchants in the Shogunate, usually trade with raw rice or pottery But have access to substantial liquefied and unliquefied capital. Ironically they are the wealthiest and most powerful class in a non-profit system which doesn’t understand how? nor accept why? so they all are dominated by the Yakuza. There are few laws to protect or regulate trade because the Shogunate doesn’t believe in trade Instead prices and market are fixed and commanded by ministers. When this plans doesn’t work corruption kick in and the criminal Syndicates actually makes the system work. The Merchant houses are at constant war with Bandits and landowners from the farmer class. The Shogunate favours the peasants and creates opportunities For villagers to murder and rob transports. As such Merchants often become Yakuza, crime clans Because they pay for protection which supports a system of violence. With this violence the Yakuza Fights against the many rural crime lords for controll.

Yakuza are not lawless have their own hard laws and try to protect and provide order and stability. This order is defended with blackmail,murder and turfs of pay for protection or get snuffed! The yakuza have their own police offers that protect Their members and costumers against not proper murder. Proper murder is a murder for money of appropriate person sanctioned by the crime lords. Rivals violating their territory, those that don’t pay for protection Or witnesses that aren’t trustworthy are all proper murders. The Yakuza even maintain peace with rival gangs and they teach solidarity and cultivate With their Yakuza brethren.

The Black Market[edit]

The most powerful trades are all in themselves legal except for drugs but the State fix the prices which creates a black market and the black market would not function without the Yakuza that secures deals for a piece of the cake.


Peasants can’t own weapons, but they so want to! The Yakuza sells weapons to peasant bandits but any peasant that wants a weapon and can pay for it is welcome. Prices are reasonable but demand is high and The Yakuza is very quick to give credit or loan money! However ,knowing how to use them or knowing what makes a good weapon Is not the same thing as buying it.

Assassination for Hire

The yakuza sells death!. They control all assassinations And when costumer suggest a deal, the leaders discuss if the murder is appropriate according to the Yakuza interest. Yakuza does not accept contracts on anyone paying for protection, They are reluctant to accept contracts on police officers or Other authority figures but they can do so If they take political sides or working for rival clan that they are not at war with. In all cases the price is at least as high as the risk plus some.


Gambling for money is the biggest and most profitably industry. From peasant to Samurai, everyone loves the dice or the mayong. It is also a network where the Yakuza can Cultivate contacts with people from all across the district. Here you earn a lot of money quickly or loose everything! Either way the Yakuza keeps the paperwork on you. If you don’t pay they either own you for life or you no longer own your own fingers!


Opium Houses are slightly behind to the Gambling Industry In scale. Yakuza Lords consider that drugs often create lowlifes that end up costing much more than they are worth some Yakuza even feels shame and sympathy for the poor addicts. So it’s better destroy someone rich person that doesn’t have to work. The Yakuza organise selling to the poor in Drug Houses Requiring membership where they can store hole groups of addicts away from their sensitive costumers while Serving them on large industrial scale. Overseers make sure that the addicts can be milked maximally Before they turn useless, by sending them to steal Or carry out hopeless murders etc for each fix. Drug users are sorted according their freshness and degeneration. All the fresh and sane users are send To the same houses where they can appeal to new costumers. The more degenerated in their own houses and in the final houses, the Yakuza cleans up their mess and killing the hole group sleeping in their last rush. It’s very popular with soldiers who think they are going to die soon. Drugs spreads over the Shogunate as a wild fire. To the addicts that are to deranged to work or dying, The Yakuza sells or even give drugs spiced with doses of lethal poison or diseases to quicken the process. The Yakuza sells less harmful drugs to their valuable addict slaves. And have medicines that reduce the symptoms and less addictive drugs that they use for themselves only Yakuza sometimes kills their own members for being addicts Selling drugs is punishable with more than death, whole families can be executed.


Prostitution is often mild, meaning Te houses where beautiful females Serves the guest or sings but it is monopoles by Yakuza crime lords Anyway. Hard Core Prostitution is separate, but the problem there is that is nominally legal and mostly monopolized by the shoguns closest men. Meaning they are private own, meaning they run by owner for their owners. So those that can pay for it are fewer than they would be and often doesn’t have to pay for it. Hard core prostitution is often behind closed door as special arrangement for the Crime lords special guests and closest allies. The rare hardcore prostitution exists for those that can pay for it, Costumers that go to hardcode Geisha Houses Are mostly other Yakuza, second relatively legit merchants and third low rank samurai.


All cities are isolated with passports, check points and walls. Everyone have to go through tax, price and papers and they do check for drugs and smuggling. There are paper and glass Lanterns in the streets Maintained by professional public servitors, are usually uses. Hygiene is clean, they use public toilet areas. Cities have garrison of police recruited from soldier. There are a governor bureaucracy commands with ties to the feudal system. Police and tax collectors. The cities also have a garrison of serving soldiers. All establishments are regularly inspected and there are a lot. Unlike in west there are no guilds, instead the bureaucracy directly Controls all enterprises but gives some limited space for private trade. That means how many any profession are allowed to live in the cities and that they throw out anyone who doesn’t work. They decide Who is marriage to whom and who is or isn’t a legal child. They make sure the streets are literally clean, that nothing improper Or indecent happens in public.

Just as in Korad , Bureaucrats serve as feudal vassals to their office instead of service in war. At a hole the city administration leads to one feudal land lord.

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